DIY Jewelry

Might be the easiest DIY I’ve ever done. And cheap!


Here’s how it goes together…

  1. Spray glue 1 inch batting to the pegboard.
  2. Layout fabric and staple over the sides to cover the pegboard edges.
  3. Poke a hole through the batting and fabric with an awl. 
  4. Insert knob through the opening and tighten the screw.
  5. Hang jewelry!!!


I added wire to the back and its hanging in my closet on the back wall. Also had CS cut a prong off one of the long pulls so I can put my rings on it. (It’s the 4th one in the picture.) In total this cost under $50! The knobs are 80% of the cost so you can skimp on those if your budget needs tightened. Plus, Lowe’s will cut the pegboard to size for you! Thanks to K for the idea! We made hers last week and when we got done, I had to make myself one.