Variation of DIY. Do It Yourself 4 Others. I was commissioned to do my first texture treatment at a friend’s house. No one needs white walls like this.



I went with a large sweeping troll. Found the perfect mirror to match.


After we looked at the mirror, we didn’t like the way the lights hit it. Solution? Turn the fixture upside down. Love the simple route. Add some towels for depth.


And a fitting vase with the same colors as the wall and mirror. Done!


For Christmas, my Colorado family got me a nifty Kinkajou. Not a rainforest mammal, a glass cutter. My first attempts for a friend’s birthday gift.


My gift came with the cup ends that you stick through the neck of the bottle. I’m not great at keeping the cutter level. I’ll get better with practice. I told everyone I need to write to the inventor and tell him to build the 3.0 version with a level built-in. BAM, where’s my finder’s fee?!