Mountain Time

CS and I headed west for a vacation in the mountains. I was ready to see how my girls have progressed in their skiing skills. This one surprised me by picking us up at the airport! She looks so innocent. See that grin?! She’s not.


While Kayla dubbed me Julia a few times thanks to an older, and clearly awesome, neighborhood girl, CS got a different nickname.


Silliness aside, we were there for one reason.SKI TIME!


First stop, the best hidden gem in Leadville, Cooper Mountain! Cost CS & I $140 to ski for 2 days. Ridiculously cheap for these parts. What is also ridiculous is CS still tries to take pics of me when I’m “not” aware. Results…

2013-03-10 14.49.17

Cooper is where I saved Reagan from certain carnage last year as the child learned how to ski. (Fast forward to 8 min on this video, still makes me laugh) She was very proud to tell me she had learned how to stop now. But I forgot what an assembly line we had getting 2 girls skiing.





Hand warmers, feet warmers, face masks, hoods, helmets… Gees! After 2 straight days of skiing, it was time for some relaxation at the Mt. Princeton hot springs!

2013-03-10 17.15.20

2013-03-10 17.17.13

2013-03-10 18.42.24

Oh Gesus that H2O felt so good. After we all were a pruny mess, we headed back to get some food and take on the master banker at Girly Monopoly.


Biggest lesson I learned during this game was 2 adults and 1 child had totally different rules they were following. Where was the free parking money pool? When could you mortgage something? How did you get out of jail? Man… our parents have created their own rules to get through very long games that now make us look like fools as adults. Sydney kept going, “Do we have to read the rules again?!” Well, yes dear we do. Because, it was just earlier that day that I made my 3 year old niece cry by beating her at Kiddy Sequence. Apparently neither her Mother nor Father taught her the losing lesson yet. So mean Aunt Natalee did without knowing it, and the child ran crying to her bedroom where I had to then bribe her out with the presents I’d be hiding in my luggage. Can’t wait to hear that from Kayla in 15 years. 

Meanwhile, WFD turned to documented WTD.


Day 3 of skiing took us to the bigger peaks of Copper. For a mere $197, CS and I got 1/2 day passes at this resort. On. A. Monday. Worth it, but damn. They had tons of tree cut outs and fun forest runs that kept the shorter ones of our group busy all day. I tried a sneak attack on Syd.




We had blizzard like conditions to start our trip and ended with great powder on those slopes!


Thanks again for hosting Coo-pper! We’ll make more treks next time!