For The Children

A group of friends and I participated in the JDRF Bar Olympics this weekend. It was a way to support a great cause and support a best friend who is one of their board members. Introducing, Team FullLongStarr!


The event had us going to 4 different spots in Broadripple to compete in 4 sports. I knew a few other teams at the event, and one of them decided they wanted to take us on all day. Bring it. Even though CS and I stayed up late practicing a few games, we didn’t start out too hot at Shuffleboard.


We went 0-2 but earned sportmanship conduct points and the bonus for landing a rock on the edge during one game. We left committed to turning this around. Cornhole was next. It was rather odd playing inside in a dimly lit place.


The boards weren’t regulation length apart so it seemed pretty easy to get a cornhole! We went 2-0 this time! My girls took a break for a photo op. 


Darts was our 3rd event. I’m used to playing with plastic darts, but we were treated to steel tips at the Wellington. I appreciated the weight of the dart much more. J and I opted to be a team this time. We were well ahead of our opponents playing 501. Until we got to 9. 9 was our nemesis. 

Tennis was last event. Wii tennis that is. 

Not sure where that victory shimmy came from?! We returned to Brugge to tally up our score. I overheard one girl say “That’s our competition.” when we walked in. Boom! Turns out, we really were. We tied for 1st with Team Canada. It was down to a shuffle off!! First team to 11. We were up 7 to 5, then it fell apart. We couldn’t get a score or play defense on them. Bye bye first place Pacer ticket prize. We had hella fun and we’ll be back for our victory next year! FullLongStarr!