The Price Is Right

The traveling Price Is Right show came to town this week. My friends scored us row 20 seats! We were all pumped at our chance to COME ON DOWN!


It was hosted by some E news channel guy that does the show in Vegas. He looked familiar but I had never heard his name. I didn’t figure we’d get Drew Carey anyway. A few good things about the show was the original style game boards. They had the big bulb lights and items brought out on felt covered wheelie boxes. Old school way was still cool! They also rotated a whole new set of players in Contest’s Row each game so more people had a chance to win. We saw Punch-A-Bunch, Cliffhanger, Hole in One, Any Number and Plinko. And they played some of the classic bloopers moments from the real show which had everyone laughing. 

The bad side was… they started 30 minutes late and ended after an hour and 15 minutes?! We had all night for more games. The crowd was almost entirely Butler college students who had nothing better to do anyway! The showcase showdown was a rip off. They called up two new people from the crowd. Showed the goods which include a Roomba, a refridgerator, a trip to the Bahamas then a Nissan Versa. While asking for bids, the host quickly slid in the key winning element of the showcase… To win, you had to bid within $100 of the full retail price. Or else, you walk away with what appeared to be a universal one size fits all T-shirt. They both over bid and then the show was over. This is how I felt about not getting called.


It was still a fun experience but they have a lot of room to make this one hell of a traveling production if they wanted to.