Mount Sherman

If a 9 year old can get to the top of this, I shouldn’t have any problems!


But I drew a map based on Brandon’s previous Garmin data just in case.


It’s been 4 years since I was atop a 14er. Why has it been so long you ask? A little thing called Leadville running events. In 2009 I participated in the Heavy Half. Then for the next 3 years, my usual fall Colorado trip has been focused on B’s LT100 experiences. I’m not complaining! NOT COMPLAINING. HAVED LOVED EVERY MOMENT! I love being there/here for those! But I wasn’t going to let another year slip by without getting up high. Especially with a house in Leadville. It reduces the trail head drive time to minutes instead of hours!

EJ was on board, so we started our journey just after 8:30am to summit Mount Sherman at 14,035 feet. Brandon had said the lower area was marshy when he was last out here, so we took the high line up on the gravel and made our way to the trail. Can you see the trail below?


This might help…. 


Closer shot as it wraps around the back side.


I was all sorts of pumped to be out here. I was ready to run whatever parts of this terrain I could!  I would get to a point where I would lose my visual on EJ, so I’d stop for a short break to wait for his orange jacket to appear. Once I was assured he was still on his feet, I’d take off again. I knew he was capable, so I was just doing my due diligence. I was taking mental landmark notes on the backside of the mountain because another trail intersects with it and you definitely want to go back down the way you came up. Or you are screwed without a car on the wrong side. 

Mile 1.0 to 1.4 sucked hard. Very steep uphill. Like on your toes uphill. I did my best to not cause a rock slide. The ridge line on this summit is pretty bad ass. That’s 2 people at the summit at the top of this photo.


I reached the top my 7th 14er after 1 hour and 32 minutes of running and hiking!


It started getting real windy on the back side then we had snow! It was short lived, but at least I could hunker down in one of these coves if needed.


EJ crested the top and we shared congrats! There was a bus trip of folks sharing the summit with us. All ages, most I talked to were over 50 and they still had 3 more to climb on their week-long trip to Colorado. I want to (and will be) like that when I get old! We didn’t stay at the summit long. I set a goal to get down in 1/2 the time it took me to get to the top. I told EJ I’d see him at the car because I needed to get moving. He warned me not to do anything stupid. While these may not have been the best shoes for the trek, they did just fine!


I only stopped one time on the way down to make sure EJ took the hard right hand turn to get on our same trail. Once I saw he had figured it out, I started motoring again. I spotted 2 guys on the trail way ahead of me, so I made my next goal to catch them before they got to the willows. And I did! I made it back down to the car in 46 minutes. Exactly 1/2 the time as the ascent! I officially felt like a mountain runner. Garmin map and some video…


Back at the house, it was play time with the girls!


These girls may love dresses and princesses, but we play dirty!


Or maybe they played, and I supervised!


Like a good Aunt, I bribed the oldest one with cash to come over and swing me in the hammock when she’d see I was sitting still. She earned $10.


Great freakin’ last day in Leadville. Can’t wait to go back!