That’s B&O Express actually. Supporting the community of Avon and CS/JGs new love of running, I signed up for a 10k last weekend to benefit the Hendricks County Trail Development Association. I have ran once since my half-marathon stint in Colorado 20 days prior. And that one 1.5 mile run was pathetic. I haven’t been sitting on my arse. I’ve continued to workout and play volleyball. Running just hasn’t been a priority, so I knew this wasn’t going to be a fast race and that was fine. I was content with sticking between 8 and 8:59 minute miles. I started as the 5th place overall girl, then over the course, got passed to end up 11th. 

Since I’ve scored awards in the past, I recognize its nice to have people there to cheer when your name is called. So we all stuck around for the awards to add our applause.  Turned out, I scored 2 place in my age group! That landed me a medal and some dough to spend at Blue Mile!


The 1st and 2nd place overall female runners were in my age group, so they got knocked out of the age group awards! Sweet! 

With no mascots in sight, I thought I’d see what I’d look like as a doctor. I think I’ll keep my day job.