Cheap Face Lift

Do I have enough DIY experiences to get my own network show yet?!

I always forget to take the before shot. Ugh. Here’s an old picture barely showing my 1/2 bath cabinet.


It was a blonde wood with white pull knobs. Kind of antiqued with white brushing. It looked ok, but I was bored with no home improvement projects on the horizon. As I pondered what I could do to update the room, it dawned on me to paint the cabinet. I stopped by Lowe’s for a $3 sample of Dark Raisin paint. After 30 minutes, it was a huge transformation.

photo (1)

I replaced the knobs with brushed nickel $5 squares, a nice modern touch.

photo (2)

I’ll replace the faucet at some point with something cool, like a waterfall piece, but for now the $33 investment will do. CS saw color and liked the idea. He let me apply the same approach to his 1/2 bathroom. This time, we remember the before pics.

2012-06-03 17.26.58

He had oak cabinets with no knobs on the drawers. Weird thing was the drawer plate faces had pre-drilled holes in the back, they just didn’t come all the way through. So while I painted, he drilled. For under $20 he had a fresh look too!

2012-06-17 19.14.44

It turned out that you could still see the wood texture under the paint, so the finish product ended up looking stained and not painted at all. Plus it tied in perfectly with his aged bronze lightening fixture. It didn’t take much time for us to figure out that this same thing needed to be done in his master bath. Before…

2012-06-17 19.14.06


2012-06-17 19.16.05

Fabulous inexpensive remodel. The $3 sample paints are not the most durable, but for the little bit of wear and tear that these rooms get, it should last a long time. Now what do I do…