True test of the tailbone last Saturday. I participated in a 12 hour Rogaine Adventure Race. My team was comprised of what will/would be my 30 hour teammates in a few weeks. We thought it’d be good to practice together prior to the event. I missed out on the biking/orienteering session last week, so I was ready to get out there. Until I read this in the info packet.


Meth Lab? Interesting. The course was in Owen Putnam state forest. Never been there before. There were 40 checkpoints to get in this race. Since I am not the best map reader, I let my teammates plot a course for us. Plus I had to get back to town early, so they made a plan to do a medium size loop to get me back to the start by 4pm. We got 1 giant topography map with all the points on it. We started in the green circle below. I tried to show where some of the checkpoints (controls) are too.


We needed to stay inside the bold lines or face certain death by one of the locals. They don’t like you on their private property. You also get a clue sheet to help you “locate” the kites in the forest. The rest is up to you and your compass.


As my teammates orienteer-ed us to the different spots, I served as my team’s rabbit. They would get us to the location of the control, then we’d all look around trying to find it. Whenever it was found, I would run to it and punch our passport proving that we had successfully found it. I needed to contribute somehow! 

I even found my own Powerline! Luckily, I didn’t have to run up and down it.


At the end of the day, we were out for about 6.5 hours going about 17 miles getting 20 checkpoints! My GPS didn’t register a single lap while I was out there. Dammit. I really wanted to see the Google map because we got quite confused a few times and had to backtrack. Good news was, the tailbone held up fine and was not even sore the next day. Until I rode my bike.