Winter Suntan

Spent some recent time out west to visit the family and nieces. First stop was to Ski Cooper.


I opted to take my board this trip since I can’t find the right spot around here for it. K joined me as a quasi-birthday celebration out west.


Highlight of the trip was saving Reagan from certain serious injury/death. She’s 6 and still learning how to ski with the use of a leash. I was just coming out of the lodge when I saw her and B coming down the mountain. Since I had the video camera, I ran out to catch some film. Just as I get out, I see B crash and Reagan still barreling down on her skis. I start screaming “snowplow snowplow” which she didn’t seem to understand. So I got into a sumo squat and place my body right in front of her path and BAM she took me out and we rolled. Best part, it was all caught on tape. She’ll be on her own soon, she just had a momentary brain lapse! Syd informed me that I should have said “Pizza” instead. My bad.

Saturday brought sledding! Everyone got in on the action, even my Momma.


At 54 degrees and 10,000 feet up, it was a work out.


Some video over here.


Taking full advantage of our unseasonable warm temperatures, we headed south to Mt. Princeton hot springs. They had natural river rock pools or you could float in or 2 of the concrete type with 90 and 103 degree temps.


I liked the natural best because you would get a good mix of cold from the river.


The baby…


Warming your whole body up really makes any wind seem really really cold. This was us after leaving and eating dinner.


For our last adventure, we headed to Vail since our girls had graduated to the “big girl” mountain, as I called it. 


Low-light of the trip is from our final run of the day on a green catwalk to the bottom. I caught a real slick spot and went head over board. It hurt. Bad. Turns out I may or may not have fractured my tailbone. Either way, the treatment is the same… no treatment just pain management and a ticket to doughnut-ville. After a full afternoon, we headed back home to watch the greatest trash on TV.


No I didn’t make this, it’s legit. A friend “won” it at a silent auction and let me borrow it for the evening. Thanks to B and his gang for hosting us all!