SBV = Super Bowl Village or Super Bowl Visits or Super Bowl Volunteer or Super Bowl Vantastic (Ok, that was corny.)

WOW. When I learned the city I lived in was hosting a Super Bowl, I had no idea what it really meant and how involved I would really be. 


My Super Bowl experiences included:

  • Super Bowl Village and NFL Experience with my parents
  • Lunch in Super Bowl Village with my co-workers
  • Zip Line Trip with my co-workers
  • Fan Jam with my bests
  • SBV = Super Bowl Volunteer at The Huddle on Saturday and Sunday

All of it was great in its own way. The first part of my experience was being a spectator. I was able to enjoy just being in the mix of the crowd, having fun and taking in the sights. The last part was from the other side. Volunteering and selling NFL product. Last time I could reference “working retail” would have to be at age 16 working at the grocery store. Didn’t have to do much product convincing there, just ring it up. This was different but I was ready. Tell me what to do, and I’ll make it happen.  I got placed in the neutral Super Bowl coats section. My job, sell coats. Done. By Sunday I was told we had 350ish coats on racks. I left at 5pm with 60ish coats left on the rack. It was fun. Anyone eyeing a coat, I talked to. Some bought, some didn’t but I did thoroughly enjoy meeting so many different people from all over this country. Everyone was extremely friendly and good spirited. I have come up with my Top 5 behind-the-scenes-volunteering highlights:

5. Some free Nike swag

4. Holding a newborn baby while a guy tried on a jacket and then bought it for $200.00 (He was trying to try the jacket on while holding the baby. He looked more awkward doing that than I did holding the newborn.)

3. At 10:30am, seeing a guy walk about the Huddle (old downtown Nordstrom store) holding a square 24 can case of Bud Light under his arm, drinking because he can

2. Free parking = Getting to park in my company’s parking lot both days even though I was told they would be “sold” and I basically had no access to them

1. Introducing myself to Sean Payton (because he cares who I am) – He was shopping at the Huddle with his family not making a scene, so I didn’t want to either. I walked up, introduced myself, was extended the handshake (which was received) and said I enjoyed watching his team’s season, made the Magnificent Brees connection, then wished him that my city would treat his family well and hoped he’d enjoy his time here.

My Super Bowl experience was Super Awesome (again, corny. sorry.)