The Showdown

After my last indoor 6’s season, we had enough players on our roster to form 2 outdoor teams for quads. What resulted was the teams of the Sandy Gyners, led by Eminem and team of the Gyner Sandies, led by yours truly. Eminem and I had the grueling task of drafting players for our respective teams. It ended up being an even split of height and talent.

I asked the league captain to give us a regular season match up. We played each other for the season opener where the Sandy Gyners defeated us 2-1. We won the first, then lost the 2nd and 3rd. I’ll say that I feel they didn’t out play us, we lost it on our own. I was ready to see them again but it would have to wait for the tournament. Fast forward to tournament time… we went head to head in the finals, just the way we wanted it to go down.


My team had a rotating sub for most regulart season games due to an ankle injury. Strangley, the only time our original team played together was for the first and last day of the season, but I felt we were the better team at this point. We solidly beat the Sandy Gyners in the first game. Action shots…



I thought we had it in the bag. In the 2nd game, the Sandy Gyners came back from a 7 point deficit to win. Urg.


The 3rd game, my Gyner boys were tired. In hindsight, I should have set middle back more, giving the hitters a break. The pesky Sandy Gyners…


They solidly beat us that last game. Motherf… I’d rather lose to them over anyone else. We’ll rematch again next week for season 2!

While scrolling through pictures, I found this one. Seems I may need to find a new cameraman as this is not where the action is.