39 Royals

Life’s too short to sit still!  Right after the Adventure Race, CS and I headed up to Chicago to ring in his birthday with a Kansas City flare.  He had never been to the Windy City before, so we had to indulge in a lake front view.


With no real agenda for Saturday evening, we wandered around Michigan Avenue so CS could take in the sights and architecture. Once we finally got hungry, we veered off the Magnificent Mile to see what local restaurants we could find. We settled on Jake Melnick’s. They boasted the best wings in Chicago, but CS had his sights set on a burger the size of his head.


While enjoying our dinner, it started to pour. We weren’t prepared for this, but were in no hurry either so as we continued our meal, we just waited it out and people watched. This part was not so enjoyable… while waiting it out, we witnessed a young lady pull her shorts and underpants down, pee on the corner of Wabash and Superior in the pouring rain, pull them back up and walk off like nothing just happened. WTF?! As far as I know, rain does not make you invincible. Welcome to Chicago I guess. The rain died down and we headed back to the hotel to get some rest for the real reason we were in town… Sox v. Royals on Sunday. 

On Sunday we headed over to Navy Pier despite the rainy-esque cloudy skies.


It was terribly windy at the east end of the Pier.


I got a bit nervous for what the game time conditions would be, but as the day progressed, the sun came through and we knew we were going to have a gorgeous day! I couldn’t of ordered better weather, but I did order a small surprise for CS before the game. I had his great friend JG and LadyS, waiting for us as we got back from lunch in the hotel room. They were going to join us for the rest of our Chicago weekend festivities!


I had never been to the U.S. Cellular Field and it didn’t disappoint from our seats. The Sox fans were great to joke with and didn’t give us too hard of a time.


They even had a boat-load of mascots, but I couldn’t get to them.  Boo.


Upon leaving the park, you were offered great views of downtown Chicago.



We also found some photo ops provided by large murals at the stadium. The boys in action! Who’s the pitcher and catcher in this scenario? I’m confused.


Since we cabbed it to the game, the group wanted the “L” experience for our ride home.  We had to throw in our own action scene. I pretended to be Harrison Ford in The Fugitive fighting off the evil 1 armed man.


CS found this sculpture Saturday night and had to share its “glory” with JG and LadyS. I found it a great place to ponder what we were to do Sunday night.


We opted for a low key pizza dinner followed by a neighborhood corner bar just off the main strip. It had very welcoming large open windows that someone may or may not have danced the night away in.  We rounded out Monday with some local Mexican food before our car ride home.  We were all too pooped to take in anymore of the city.  I think everyone had a good time, I know I did!  Happy (now belated) birthday CS!  

After 2 weekends in a row in the Windy City, it’s time to move on… but to where?