9th First Pitch

It was finally time for my debut!  The Four Musketeers packed up and headed to the Deuce to meet up with my parents in the world to take in a Class A Minor League Tin Caps baseball game.  I checked in at Guest Services and immediately spied this guy.  Linky!


Turned out, Linky was throwing out a first pitch too.  Huh?!  Looks like we were at the Minors.  There were about 12 people who were all throwing out the “first pitch”.  Well, it will still be my “first pitch”!  Funniest part was all the other pitchers were using the pitch as a way to celebrate a birthday…5…10….18….even 70.  Then there was me.  Just because.  

Picture 010

Once we got lined up, we made our way out onto the field. 



They put your name up, or try to, on the giant scoreboard when it’s your turn.  They announce your name and the field director told us to run out to the “pitching mound” so I did!

Picture 012

Except our “pitching mound” was a mat almost 1/2 way to home plate.  Boo.  I really wanted to show I could make it the real distance, without any practice of course!


Once I got out there, I tried to do it like the pros.  Sideways arch back, with knee up wind up, and pitch!  The follow-through…

Picture 013

Pic from the professional… Do I throw like a girl?


Video below shows me in action.  The catcher didn’t even have to move or stand up to get my ball.  I was pleased!  After we finished, we exited back out of the locker rooms where I spied my 4th mascot sighting of the day, Johnny!


K’s found his twin bobble-brother and thinks we should double date.  No go.  I prefer hazel eyes and more than 1 tooth.


I returned to my cheering crew to sit back and enjoy the game!


Along with the pitch, I got a ball and a hat to commemorate my day.


The staff at the park keep things lively during each inning change.  Trivia, races on the field, and even lotto ball tosses to win cash!


We stayed through the 6th inning to see the Bad Apple dancers perform.  I’ve heard about this group from several people.  The guys that grate the dirt, do awful/corny dance moves at 3rd and 1st base.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but definitely silly.  

I didn’t get a chance to get to see the entire stadium but I heard water running when we were in the parking garage.  Looked over the side and the park has a built in water feature to play in.  Great way to keep all ages entertained in the summer heat!


Bruce did explore the whole stadium and found a hidden treasure of nachos at one corner of the park.


Big thanks to my cheering section!  Bigger thanks to Mom and Dad for one of the best gifts ever!

Video of the event… My turn at the pitch actually takes place about 6 minutes into the vid. And the Bad Apple dancers are at the end. The rest is filled with BruceBruce having fun interviewing my fan club getting their take on our time at Parkview Field.