Easter In The Fort

Headed to the Deuce to celebrate Easter this year with the family.  Long story short, I’m tired of CDs.  My car stereo sucks because there is no auxiliary port and it doesn’t like FM transmitters, so I did the next best thing to a ghetto blaster I could think of for my 2 hour drive.


Headed to dinner with the parents and lounged around for the evening to get ready to host the Fuller family lunch the next day.  Woke up Sunday and went to church.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  It has been awhile and I have now officially become a Chree-ster.  Christmas and Easter.  As we sit down to mass, Dad says “If this place starts shaking, I’m running.”  Ha ha.

Back at home, I got my Easter basket!


It was perfect!  Sock monkey basket with Peeps.  Mom and I have a Peeps contest each season.  We are upping our game and going to start having a judged Peeps Diorama contest soon.  Be prepared for the voting!  

A few Fuller family members from the Fort and Indy joined us to celebrate.  Oh, and my awesome 91 year old grandma was in attendance.  


Not looking forward to being that old but looking forward to all the experiences of being that old.  Lunch was fabulous!  Traditional meal of ham, corn, lasagna, deviled eggs?!  It was delicious.  Then Mom says “Natalee gets her Easter present!”  I was stumped.  She pulls out my latest T-shirt quilt!!!!  I had only given this to her a month ago to make, so I figured I’d get it for Christmas because they do take time.  Much to my surprise, it was finished!


It’s so colorful and fun!  It costs a pretty penny to create a quilt even when you supply the majority of the material.  Much love to Mom for getting it completed so fast!  (She probably used Dad’s credit card, a.k.a. a new trick she taught me)  In addition, over 2 years of entrance fees, sweat, and energy went into making it.  I already have one that we made a few years back, and I encourage anyone to do the same to keep their memories alive outside of just wearing a t-shirt.  It’s a fun reminder and a fun project for you and your loved ones.  Have to say the best part of the quick weekend was just getting to hang out with the parents.  There is NO DOUBT who made this kid right here.  I promised I wouldn’t give out all our funny conversation moments, but I will give out a few words that were mentioned and let your come up with your own stories….

Cops…. Paper-berry…. Soul mates…. Blissful…. Wood…. Mexican…. Pissy

Happy Easter!