B2B – Pre-race

First order of business completed – Made it to Kansas.

Left the flat state of Indiana on Friday to spend 8 hours crossing 3 more flat states.  The ride was really uneventful.  Beside BruceBruce annoying me every hour with “Can I drive yet?”  “How about now?”  “Now?”  No.  He admittedly is not a good passenger, but I needed the drive to take my mind off of why I was making this trip.  I’ve been teetering between excitement and nerves the past 2 days.  I just space out for a bit but eventually get back to reality and get excited for my adventure.  We made good time, gained an hour, but after chilling at the hotel for a bit, we decided to grab some food across the parking lot at a Mexican joint (deja vu).  Keeping with my training program of not partaking in any adult beverages, I just ordered water.  While I was studying the menu, K motions to the waitress by pointing at me, then rubbing her belly to explain the water order.  Ha, funny.  I tried to stay safe with chicken quesadillas as to not upset the tummy gods, but something hit me funny at dinner and I hightailed it back to the hotel leaving BruceBruce and K to walk back when they were done.  I expect it was a combo of nerves and a week of solid food without much exercise working itself out.  Sorry, TMI, but it’s what happens.
CS and the fam happened to be in town for Spring Break, so our groups and the rest of the Kansas City Starr men and their families met up for a carb-loaded lunch today.  Afterward, we hit packet pick up where I got to meet Lou, the race director.  This dude is old but awesome.  He was sporting a pink feathered pimp hat checking people in on the hand written sheet.  Shows how down  home this race is.  Next order of business was to make BruceBruce and K drive the course.  My bro did this for me at Leadville and it helped tremendously.  I hopped in the backseat and let Dumb and Dumber take over.  I had about 3 different maps or said they could use the GPS.  It was a trainwreck in the beginning.  Couldn’t find the start, then kept missing turns.  I TRIED to keep my mouth shut and let them work out their communication strategy.  After a few aid station stops, we were doing pretty well.  Got through the whole course and scoped out some place to hang out after the finish (yes, I am still planning on finishing).
Now, I’m back at the hotel and my crew is out eating dinner.  Which is good.  I need some alone time to get in the zone.  Got all my gear ready.  Got my aid bags ready.  Think I got my mind ready.  Think I got my body ready.  I don’t train like a normal athlete and I have never done a race like this before, so at this point, it is what it is.  And we’ll see what “it is” means in a few short/long hours.