Copper to Cooper (Part 1 of 2)

Been back in the midwest for a few days, but yet to get myself back in the time zone.  Still feel off but hopefully the weekend will reset everything soon.  So, about my recent travels…

Headed out to Colorado for my yearly winter trip.  My nieces were on a break from school, so this was my first time having them around the entire time I was there.  B picked me up and we headed straight to Leadville to meet up with the Fuller women as they were already at the cabin.  B, Sydney and I, woke up early Friday morning to get a jump on the ski crowds at Copper Mountain.  Which, being only 30 miles away certainly helps! 


I was happy to reunite with my snowboard while B and Syd skied. Syd had been skiing a few times before, but this year she really got the hang of it and had zero fear after a few runs.  My little skier…


She didn’t even have any fear when she fell off the chair lift!  Yes, that’s right.  My bro and I made a boo-boo.  We weren’t even on the chair for 5 seconds and next thing I see is Syd falling over and face planting in the snow below like a cartoon character.  We yelled to stop the lift and Syd looks up at us.  I asked if she was ok, to which she said yes.  I asked if she was ok to ride up without us, to which she said yes.  So the ski dude put her 2 chairs back with a guy and his daughter.  The lift got moving again so I turned around to see how she was doing, and she waved at me like nothing happened.  That’s when I knew it was ok to laugh my ass off at what just happened.  Apologized to my brother for laughing, but it was too funny!  We headed back to Leadville to share our adventures with Kim and see if we could talk Reagan into skiing the next day.

Which we did! Reagan was very excited to try skiing but left most of the work to Brandon since it was her first time out.  Here’s B and his ladies on Cooper Mountain.


With B taking care of Reagan, Syd and I were off on our own for the day.


We skied our tails off! Syd was hooked and wanted to go until the chairs stopped. She even tried out a T-bar lift on her own at the bunny hill. At one point, we took a longer T-bar lift up to hit some more blues except Syd took a wrong turn off the lift and ended up taking us down a black.  Didn’t matter though, she did just fine.  Just as we finished our last run, B and Reagan were coming to find us to head home.  This time, we were only 10 miles away from home!  Totally spoiled now.

B’s story