Caberfae Peaks

Still riding the high from my Colorado trip, CS and I decided to hit the slopes in Michigan this past weekend.  I have been skiing in that state a few times before.  Once for my first time ever at Boyne in the UP, the other was a Caberfae/Bittersweet adventure.  For this trek, the drive time to Boyne wasn’t in the cards and I remember Bittersweet sucked.  So we agreed on Caberfae and the bonus was their night skiing.  I was unsure if I wanted to board or ski, so we loaded up the car with all my gear and set in for the 6 hour drive.

Woke up Saturday, grabbed some fuel for our bellies and were only 1 exit away from the slopes.  But when you see a sign like this, you feel like you are exits upon exits away from civilization.


We arrived before 1/2 day ski started, but because we had coupons from the hotel we bought the full day passes to get started ASAP.  CS skied and I started out boarding.


View from the top, if you can call 1569ft the top.



After about 4 runs, it became quite clear this day was not made for snowboarding.  A lot of the runs flattened out at the end.  I’m not greatly skilled at judging speed to keep me going during those times and it was moderately busy with people flying by left and right.  Not a good combination, so CS and I hightailed it back to the car to do an exchange for my skis.  Now we were all set to keep up with each other, play follow the leader, and have a productive day.  We skied for a few hours and took an hour break to carb load.


While in the lodge, it started snowing and didn’t let up.  We got a few more hours on the slopes before we were exhausted and frozen.


A view from the parking lot.


Got cleaned up and were headed to the Mexican restaurant across the parking lot when our hotel phone rang.  Pre-story:  Our room phone rang 3 times previously in the few hours we were in there.  Each time with someone asking if they had called the front desk.  There is literally a button saying “Front Desk” on the phone.  Not sure what angered technician wired a phone wrong, but I decided to have some fun.  This time I answered the phone not with a “hello” but a “Front Desk”.  The guy asks “Can you tell me what time the Mexican restaurant across the street closes?”  I fessed up and said no, that he called another hotel room, but we were headed over there if they wanted to join us for a drink at the bar.  He was a bit confused, apologized and hung up.  We walked over to get some grub and made a new friend in the process.  


I got a bit more friendly with the ass.


Sunday we got to the slopes a bit earlier than before, but since we had to leave in good time to head back to the homeland we had no intentions of taking a break.  Unfortunately, the Peaks were hosting a slalom and super G event for kids, so we veered away from the South Peak.  Literally had 200 kids and their families using 1 lift.  The diamonds weren’t worth the lift waits.  But we still skied til we couldn’t ski anymore.  I was toast.


We both tapped out after 5 hours out there and hit the road.  It was a great weekend in the Midwest mountains.  Thanks to CS for the good times and putting up with my crazy through-the-trees antics!  Forgot about the foot height difference.  Peace out Michigan!  Til we meet again…