17 Degrees to 47 Degrees (Part 2 of 2)

After 2 long days of skiing, the girls and I opted for a little outdoor play time. It had started snowing on us at Cooper and didn’t stop until Sunday morning. A look at the snow level Saturday….


Compared to Sunday when we woke up…



We certainly were in a winter paradise. The girls and I built a fort for “baby tree” using B’s supply of firewood.


After all the hard labor, the girls needed a snack.


After a few hours in the cold temps (17 degrees when we left Leadville), we all went inside to clean up and head out of the mountains to warmer temps in Denver (47 degrees when we arrived). Brandon had tickets to see a few bands at one of his favorite venues, the Bluebird, so we called in Brooks to bring the SanFran clan back together.


We saw The Black Cloud Collective, Pop Evil, and Rev Theory. Brandon, the veteran metal concert go-er, snagged me Pop Evil’s set list from the stage, so I could get is signed by the band. At the Bluebird, the bands do a meet and greet with the audience were you can get pictures and buy some stuff from the band. I walked up with the set list and got it signed by everyone!  Can’t read any names, but I know its legit.


When in Colorado, I always seem to find shirtless men…


The show was fabulous and we were right up front.  The Bluebird is a very small initmate venue.  Kind of reminded me of the Vogue here but smaller, which I liked.  Wish we would get some better shows, live music is the best.  At one point, some guy commented that it was nice of me to hang out with my kid brother and bring him to a show!  Not sure which of us gets the slam in that comment.   

It was a great trip!  I enjoyed every second.  Thanks to my bro, Kim, and the girls for opening their homes to me and letting me crash their President’s day vacation!  I’ll be back in August…  This time for non-snow covered trails! 

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