Bopping With Buttercup

Got a message from BA last week that he was interested losing his Bop to the Top virginity.  We questioned if we could get Win or Lose, We Still Booze back together… and we did!


Guess what I found?  Buttercup!


Buttercup didn’t have any logos or affiliations on his outfit but I think I heard them say he’s part of Sahm’s Restaurant.  If that’s the case, I think we need him in our lunch room every day!  On to the race…

It wasn’t as bad as years prior. Lots more airflow in the stairwell we were on.  My legs got burnt up around floor 10 this year, seemed a little early but I still had a PR.  Lungs were like razor blades for 20 minutes after.  The obligatory coughing wasn’t as bad as prior years but still came around.  Usually I cough the entire day like I had CF or something.  Some action shots…

BA 5:26 – but he thinks he can go faster… well, winner was 3:55.  Let’s see you get close to that big guy!


KOD 5:56 – Marching to his own beat like he’s not even breaking a sweat.


Me 7:03 (stupid 4 seconds!) – I look like death.


I was the 36th overall girl and 4th in my age group.  Over 1200 people participated, so I’m calling it a solid day for me.