NYE 2010

Post has been delayed awaiting, what turned out to be shitty resolution, pictures from the professional photographer.  Oh well.

Me and my friends rang in the new year by attending the Friends of Riley event hosted at Emmis.  Anything for the children, right?  I hosted the pregame event at my house sharing dinner duties with everyone.  We had a nice meal followed by a nice dessert and a quick game of Would You Rather.  Always interesting.


Since we checked into our hotel after work, we were able to head straight to Emmis for the par-tay.


We had our red carpet treatment upon arrival.


The master of ceremonies, Mr. Arnold, who serves as President of the F.O.R. committee.  Kudos to him and his team.  The food and drinks were excellent!


I had purchased rubber bracelets that had different drinking sayings on them and organized a game with my group.


Each of us had 2 or 3 bracelets to give out to people at the event based on the saying on the bracelet.  Not only were we to give out the bracelet, but you needed a picture with the person.  I gave this guy “Party Girl” due to his 4 inch popped collar and Kayne-esque shades.


Later on he came up to me questioning why he got “Party Girl”. I said “Cuz you’re Party Girl baby!” He stopped asking after he got the same answer 4 times. Everyone gave their bracelets away, but no one else got pics.  Losers. 

Looking forward to 2011!!!