Moonlight Medal

My first trail race of 2011!  And it was at night, with a required headlamp!  BigR took his crazy pill today and said he’s in!  Graining cell phone shot of our seriousness.


It was a very small race with about 100 participants.  We stayed warm in the car until we notice a community center on the property where our competition was hanging out.  We stripped down and headed in there to size up the runners.  BigR knew a few people at the race.  Closest person I knew was the picture of Nick Clark in the trail running magazine they were handing out.  I felt like kinda of a big deal for that.

Course was just a 5k, with 2 loops so it’d be good to know the route and know how hard to push on the uphills the second time around, or so I thought.  Course was marked with orange soccer cones and glow sticks.  We were told the orange cones will always be on your right.  Glad I made that mental note.  Pretty cool start with all the headlamps shining on the snow.  Kinda made me feel like I had my own little Leadville-esque start in my home town.  Kinda had a feeling I maybe could get some swag at this race looking at previous times for women.  I was excited and ready to run!

Gun went off, from what I saw 1 girl, and I mean, girl like 15 years old, in front of me.  Great.  These old bones just focused on my own race trying to keep passing the next person in front of me.  1 mile in, I came up on her and passed her little butt.  Sweet, I was really feeling good thought I might be able to pull in some awards at this small event!  Settled in and caught site of the next runner in front of me.  Got right up on him as we were making a left turn in the woods by some caution tape.  We swung around it and a couple hundred yards later, the cones are now on my left.  WTF?!  And now headlamps are coming at me.  Including BigR.  Fuck.  With the guy right behind me, we started debating what to do.  We could see the lap point, but by my mileage, we had to have just missed a turn.  We decided to circle back and find the turn off.  At this point, my hopes of a strong finish quickly vanished.  About 10 runners must have followed us because all sorts of headlights were now pointing the wrong way.  We were able to get back on track (that stupid caution tape turn was the culprit), make our lap and move on to the last half of the race.  I was fueled by a little bit of anger at this point, so I was hell bent on picking off as many people as I could.  And that’s all I did until the finish.  My splits which clearly show a diversion moment, were 17:28 then 14:19.  Boo. 

Our Master of ceremonies

Photo_01 (1)

BigR and I hung around to see the awards.  Figured the top 3 female was lost now.  And yes it was.  Turns out I was the 5th female finisher.  That girl I passed at mile 1, finished 2nd.  Sonofabitch.  Wonder if I could have held on?  Oh well.  Then… they said there was age group awards.  Drum roll please…..


Your winner in the Female Age Group 30-39!!!  Finishing time was 31:47 gaining 1315 feet in elevation.  Go Indiana hills!  Called Mom after to share the good news.  Her response “Were you the only one in your age group?”  Oh, so supportive.  Reminds me of the time in high school when I had to convince my parents I was running and winning on the Varsity team and not JV.  It took them several wins before they came to watch.  But I’ve totally gotten over that.  Totally.

Bopping With Buttercup

Got a message from BA last week that he was interested losing his Bop to the Top virginity.  We questioned if we could get Win or Lose, We Still Booze back together… and we did!


Guess what I found?  Buttercup!


Buttercup didn’t have any logos or affiliations on his outfit but I think I heard them say he’s part of Sahm’s Restaurant.  If that’s the case, I think we need him in our lunch room every day!  On to the race…

It wasn’t as bad as years prior. Lots more airflow in the stairwell we were on.  My legs got burnt up around floor 10 this year, seemed a little early but I still had a PR.  Lungs were like razor blades for 20 minutes after.  The obligatory coughing wasn’t as bad as prior years but still came around.  Usually I cough the entire day like I had CF or something.  Some action shots…

BA 5:26 – but he thinks he can go faster… well, winner was 3:55.  Let’s see you get close to that big guy!


KOD 5:56 – Marching to his own beat like he’s not even breaking a sweat.


Me 7:03 (stupid 4 seconds!) – I look like death.


I was the 36th overall girl and 4th in my age group.  Over 1200 people participated, so I’m calling it a solid day for me.

This Seems Fair

Noticed a line of “No Parking Today” orders on the meters across from my building.  Same time noticed every spot was taken by police vehicles.


The building is hosting some legislative day thing.  Still, they can’t drive in circles to find a spot and then pay like the rest of us?

Just Dance

After roller derby, I told my parents we were having a dance party.  Huh?  Confused, I explained we’d be dancing at my house via the Wii.  Basically you act like the TV is a mirror and you mimic the action  I knew Mom liked to dance.  Dad, that’s another story but he has some secret Bel Biv Devoe moves that we’ll leave at that.  So, of course video was in store.  

Mom and I chose a Cher duo. Sorry Mom, this has to be posted.

Dad and I went Egyptian/inappropriate.  And he tried to figure out how to do the minimum while still scoring points.

Love both my parents for trying it and just having fun!  By the end of the night, we’d probably danced to 15 songs against each other, as duets, whatever.  It was constant laughs and great memories.  Anyone that takes themselves too seriously, needs to let go and just try this.

Fort Wayne Derby Girls

Over due post…

My cousin, aka Minx, plays for the Deuce’s roller derby team.  She played a pivotal role in starting the team and they give all the proceeds to Ft. Wayne charities. This isn’t something they do for a paycheck. My brother was the first in my family to see her play out in Colorado, so it was time for Mom, Dad and I to join in.  They played the Naptown roller girls here in Indy, so I invited Mom and Dad down for an overnight visit to witness some elbow-cracking-jammer-action at the fairgrounds.

Minx is wearing the white helmet and booty shorts in the center of the picture.


I even got a few friends to join in the mix. After all, they don’t have to only hang out with my parents in the summer!


Pictures of the event. Here Minx is just resting at halftime, but she did seem to spend some time on the foul bench. Totally the refs fault. I didn’t see her throw a single elbow!



At the end of the event, the crowd who has had no barrier from the action, gets even closer for a round of hand slaps for all players.


After the bout, we went down to say hi and get a family pic. Mom, Dad, Mom’s niece and her daughter.


I really enjoyed having my family and friends together.  Something I seem to relish more as I get older.  

I can say this is one sport I will not be venturing into. But it was hella fun to watch!  Keep up the defense Minx!

Racing Into 2011

All the ultra runner blogs I follow have been talking about their 2011 racing schedule.  Thought I’d follow suit and see if I can get more takers to join me this year. The races in bold, I am doing regardless if I get anyone to join me.  But I really hope people come out with me!!!  If you want to do/consider one of the races below, leave a comment on this post. Also, if you have a race you are interested in, but need a little motiviation and want some company, let me know and I’ll come join you!

First one is this weekend.  Already got one sucker to join me… who’s with us?!  After party is at Acapulco Joe’s.  Their margaritas make the lung burning subside.

Date Race Length Where
Jan-22 Bop to the Top 37 flights of stairs OneAmerica Building (Previously)
Jan-29 Winter & Moonlight Trail run 5k Horizon Camp
Mar-12 Dino Trail Series 15k Eagle Creek
Mar-13 Big 10 Hoops 5k Downtown Indy (Previously)
Mar-19 Holliday Park Trail Run 5m Holliday Park (Previously)
Apr-3 Brew to Brew 44m Kansas City to Lawerence
Apr-30 Talk Walk Run 5k Ft. Harrison (Previously)
May-7 Mini Marathon 13.1 Downtown Indy (Previously)
Jun-12 Indianapolis Amazing Adventure ? ?
Aug-6 Eagle Creek Half/Full Trail Marathon 13.1/26.2 Eagle Creek
Aug-13 PA Urban Sprint 40-50m All over Indy (Previously)
Aug-27 Dino Trail Series 15k Town Park
Oct-2 HeritageTrail 26.2/13.1/15k/5k Battle Ground, IN
Oct-8 NSAAR Women’s Only Adventure Race ? Eagle Creek
Nov-12 Dino Trail Series 15k Ft. Harrison
Nov-12 Race for the Gnomes ? Brown County
Nov-24 Drumstick Dash 4.5 Broadripple (Previously)


NYE 2010

Post has been delayed awaiting, what turned out to be shitty resolution, pictures from the professional photographer.  Oh well.

Me and my friends rang in the new year by attending the Friends of Riley event hosted at Emmis.  Anything for the children, right?  I hosted the pregame event at my house sharing dinner duties with everyone.  We had a nice meal followed by a nice dessert and a quick game of Would You Rather.  Always interesting.


Since we checked into our hotel after work, we were able to head straight to Emmis for the par-tay.


We had our red carpet treatment upon arrival.


The master of ceremonies, Mr. Arnold, who serves as President of the F.O.R. committee.  Kudos to him and his team.  The food and drinks were excellent!


I had purchased rubber bracelets that had different drinking sayings on them and organized a game with my group.


Each of us had 2 or 3 bracelets to give out to people at the event based on the saying on the bracelet.  Not only were we to give out the bracelet, but you needed a picture with the person.  I gave this guy “Party Girl” due to his 4 inch popped collar and Kayne-esque shades.


Later on he came up to me questioning why he got “Party Girl”. I said “Cuz you’re Party Girl baby!” He stopped asking after he got the same answer 4 times. Everyone gave their bracelets away, but no one else got pics.  Losers. 

Looking forward to 2011!!!

Move Over Anna

A girlfriend of mine wanted to try out some tennis lessons at the Five Seasons. Sign me up!  I played tennis when I was younger, like 10ish at our community courts.  I remembered liking it but mainly for the outfits.  This time I was ready to learn.  It was a 6 week course, that actually spanned 9 due to all the holidays.  While in the program, it gave us full access to the entire country club.  Have to say, I didn’t use their services as much as I had planned, but their class schedules just didn’t match up to mine.  But that was ok, because our focus was tennis.  As you can tell.

Photo_01 (2)

Our coaches, Kurt and Jeff, taught us with the PA system.  It educated us the basic 8 spots of court shots and grip holds for front hand, back hand and serves.  What?  You hold it different with each stroke?  Guess that makes sense.  Each week we would build off the next and in week 4 we were actually playing each other King and Queen style.  It was a lot of fun and something that J and I have vowed to keep up, preferably outside, in 2011.  

With our tennis lessons we also were given personal training sessions with our group and 2 sessions of our own. J and I found time the past 2 weeks to get in our personal sessions and they were tough. I may or may not have asked for a harder 2nd round, and Vincent delivered. My fault for not remembering our last group session was 2 days later. Vincent and his other victim, Cameron.

Photo_01 (1)

It hasn’t been the most organized program from Five Seasons, but it was well worth the money we spent.  We have our “party” next week where they try to sell you the membership package and more lessons.  Should be interesting to see what pricing comes out.  Probably not in the cards right now, as I just received the first bill for a couch!  Thanks J for the great idea!

127 Hours

Finally!  127 Hours came to my tiny city at the Keystone Art Cinema.  Usually I have to sneak my own drinks into the movie theater (kiddin’ Mom) but this one has a bar of its own!  I’ll have to remember this for my next movie outing.  Back to the show… 

I had heard about this movie coming out over a year ago from my brother’s blog.  I had heard the story of Aron Ralston, the hiker that cut his own arm off, years ago, but little did I know my brother would get that chance to meet the legend.  Turns out he’s a friend of JV who’s a friend of my brother.  They all met up to do a run up Green Mountain last year.  And since I am related to B, have run with JV, and been up Green Mountain (where the picture below is from), I think I should be able to say I know Aron too!


Ok, that’s a bit much I know.  Back to the movie… I think they did an amazing job with this film!  I was interested to see how they would keep the story going of a dude stuck between some rocks for 5 days.  I’ve never been in Utah where the story took place, but I have done enough exploring and adventuring of my own that I was able to imagine myself in his situation and how periless it must have felt.  No way I think I would be capable of what he did.  It is an amazing story and I encourage anyone to go see it.  The whole cutting-off-your-arm scene, not bad at all.  I promise *kinda crosses fingers*.