Holiday Massacre

The Christmas holiday started off well.  Headed to the parents in Ft. Fun on Christmas Eve so I could be up early to help Mom prepare for the holiday lunch meal.  Unfortunately, Kayla (the youngest niece at almost 1 1/2) was up crying and fussing all night.  This left B and Kim to run in and out of the bathroom several times with her puking.  Since I sleep on the couch when they visit (full house of 8 people), I was tossing and turning myself trying to ignore the noise.  I finally couldn’t take it, so I grabbed my pillow and blanket and found the farthest spot in the house away from the ruckus… the corner of the floor in the dinette area in the kitchen.  Mom was quite confused when she found me in the morning.

Got up and took a quick jog in the neighborhood before getting cleaned up for our annual Christmas lunch.  My grandma Mimi was with my family again this year and Kim’s mom and brother were able to join us too.  My mom prepared a wonderful lunch as usual, followed by a play and songs from Sydney and Reagan.  It was about Mary and her journey to Bethleham.  Blah Blah Blah.  Best part was Sydney comes out in my 2nd grade First Communion dress!  I told her she could have it.  Mom finally found an excuse to why she kept that thing for 24 years.

Next came presents.  I like to think I gave the hit gift of the party, Ring Around the Nosy!  Honestly, the kids on the box looked so stupid with this get-up on, I had to see my nieces in it.  Reagan wasn’t interested at all, so I had to partake in my own humiliation!  My eldest elephant and me…


Brandon took on Syd, Go!


After all the presents were open and a bit of rest, we headed to my cousin’s to visit with my Mom’s side of the family. I had converted some cassette tapes to iTunes from when my Grandma and Grandpa (who are no longer with us) would babysit all their grandkids. We sat around and listened to a few tracks and tried to pick out ourselves as 2 and 3 year olds singing.  And let me tell you, it was a good thing I quit the violin.  We now have record of the skreeching at age 4.

Back at home, I decided to try the couch again but was sorely mistaken as Kayla was up and down again with it coming out the other end this time.  GET ME HOME, but not before a final trip to church with Mimi and my parents. 


I made it home in good time, took a nap, and woke up to my own misery.  I caught whatever Kayla had.  I was up for about 24 hours in the bathroom with all symptons with the worse sickness as an adult I have ever had.  Let’s just sum it up as I lost 4 pounds.  Called home Monday to check in, turns out I was merely Kayla’s 7th victim!  Almost everyone caught it and was dealing with the aftermath.  Gross.  Glad I was miles away in Indy to deal with only myself.  Regardless, it was a great Fuller Christmas 2010… that I hope will never be repeated.