All Done

I never have been 100% happy with the living room layout in my condo.  Couches were all quick purchases needed for seating.  TV was a box-type big screen. Tables were never anything fancy, just functional.  I practically eat at the coffee table every day because God forbid I eat like an adult in my dining room with no TV.  When the TV went out earlier this year, it wasn’t worth the cost to fix it with the low prices of flat screens these days.  So after the new TV purchase, I started designing the room I always wanted.






I picked last Saturday to be the day to start.  Already had hit quite a few stores during shopping trips with Mom, but Kittle’s Outlet hadn’t been visited yet.  And after 10 minutes there, I found my couch.  In my price range.  WTF.  I was not expecting that.  Hopeful that I would, but it seemed too easy and I was skeptical of my own feelings.  Salesclerk said they could hold it until close so I could go home and measure.  Called both Mom and Dad to talk through it trying to uncover anything that I was missing about why I shouldn’t drop some coin on this couch. 

So I told myself to hit a few more stores just in case and while I’m walking down the first aisle of my second store, I stop dead in my tracks.  They had the exact bookcases I had designed for myself nearly 5 years ago.  WTF.  I took my sketches to a few people to try to have them built and no one was interested.  Guess the times just needed to catch up to my idea!  Quickly purchased 2 and was on my way to the next stop.  While at Target looking for a rug, which I found and under my budget price, they had small mirror-top end tables on clearance.  2 please.  Told myself that was enough for the day.  My car was full and my debit card was empty.  Got home to put some masking tape on the floor and confirm it was all going to work.

I hadn’t seen any media centers that I really liked, so I switched that search to the internet.  Ended up finding a piece on Craigslist from a guy that gets leftovers from Best Buy.  This one had 2 small scratches in the top.  I planned on having a piece of glass cut for the top anyway, so now I’ll just touch it up, get smoke-colored glass and enjoy my $120 media center!  The result that fell into place in 48 hours:





My furniture delivery yesterday happened to coincide with my brother’s family yearly holiday trip.  Their flight was a Tuesday late night arrival so they opted to crash with me instead of making the trek north.  Little did they know the chaos that they were in for.  I secretly was happy to be able to use my brother to move the existing furniture.  Delivery was scheduled for the afternoon, so I woke up early to go pick up my bookcases and get started before B’s family was up.  As I was putting bookcase 1 together, Kittle’s calls and they are running early.  HOURS early and will be at my place in 10 minutes.  WTF.  Well, B and I made quick work of emptying the couches and chair from the room.  I think he was still asleep when we moved it.  Everything else was already out.  New couches in & back to the bookcase assembly with some minor delays from Kayla who found a seat perfect for her size.


Since Reagan was just staring at the TV, I put her to work on covering the wood holes.  No free room and board here!


Need to get some more accent pieces and finally get new artwork for the walls, but the hard part is over!  What did I do with my old furniture, you ask?  Physically, its stacked in my dining room.  Virtually, its all on Craigslist at bargain basement prices just trying to move it by 2011.  If you are interested in loveseat, chair, ottoman, fake tree… you know how to reach me.