Holiday Exchange

K and I had our monthly man date and wrapped our holiday gift giving into it.  We are believers in practical gifts that we agree on instead of surprises.  I knew she liked the story, A Christmas Carol, so I bought us tickets to tonight’s production.  She offered to pay for dinner in return and provide me a yearly subscription to National Geographic.  Score!  I’ve been wanting a new magazine and thought this one sounded like it might provide some great articles.  We enjoyed dinner at 14 West and were treated to much better service than our last time there. 


Best part of dinner was the waiter realizing he’d served K before.  After identifying it was at The Meridian, K explained why she thinks he remembers her to me.  Her lovely out of town Uncle and family took her to dinner there.  He kept chatting the dude up and commenting that K lives in Indy and they should hang out.  As Mr. Uncle is paying for dinner, he leaves a note on the receipt… Note being Kristin’s name and phone number.  

We made it over to the show just in time and took our seats center stage end of the aisle.  I’m a ticket snob now but its always well worth the experience.  The play was fabulous!  A lot more talking than I’m used to since I generally have been seeing musicals, but still enjoyable.  The actors actually told parts of the story using monologues and then would switch to acting some scenes out.  Creative adaptation we thought.  Definitely recommend it.  IRT is a great intimate venue and doesn’t have a bad seat in the house.