Feliz Navidad

Little did I know, my Friday night would consist of an entire Mexican theme.  After a restaurant change for A’s birthday, we settle on La Hacienda.  They have better sombreros than me.


After dinner, I headed over to a friend’s house to partake in a Mexican themed Christmas party.  The invite said “Prizes will be awarded to the best costume”, so I put my thinking sombrero on and came up with this.  Meet Juan and Jose, with the Beave.


While out getting my hat and mustache, I found some wall decorations that had a mariachi band.  Since Lori couldn’t hire a real one for the party, I decided I would bring the band instead.  I cut the dude’s face out and slipped it over my head.  Next I cut slits in his ankle area to slide my feet through.  Last part, had to fashion a hanger tube on the side to keep Juan erect while he played the violin.  And since you couldn’t drive in this get up, I had to get ready in the street in front of her house.  Poor neighbors.  Lori showing her gratitude.  


There were a few people dressed up.  The Mexican wrestlers were a bit frightening.


So it came time for the costume contest.  All of us that had dressed up lined up for the judging via crowd applause and iPhone application.  


Me and Senor Taco Bell were the finalists.


Now, if you notice, Senor Taco Bell simply has a retro Taco Bell employee shirt on AND a mustache that I brought to the party!  I bought 6 and obviously only needed one, so I brought them as party favors for anyone that wanted one.  It wasn’t even his and I think because of it, I ended up getting second place to the gray hair!  Oh well.  My prize was much better than his.  An authentic Virgin Mary candle.


Good times were had by all and I don’t think anyone should throw a party without a theme.  It shows you how stupid and/or awesome your friends are.