My buddy got the new Xbox Kinect game systems and invited me over to his place for our monthly game night.  And since K’s never been there, she accompanied me and was treated to a night of dinner and play time with BD and Yas.  

This Kinect-thing is ridiculous.  From what I’ve researched, it uses light density to find your silhouette so you don’t have to use controllers.  For all games, you start by giving it a left or right hand connection by holding up your hand to a print on the screen.  The motions seemed kinda un-precise to me, like you could just stick an arm up and the system makes the motion for you.  But as you will see in the videos below, I was into it.  Competitive nature?  Not me.  Never.

Ping Pong – 1st game – Lost

Boxing – Won

Hurdles – K v Yas

Volleyball – Split – You’ll have to excuse our camera woman. She didn’t realize the iPhone was recording the wrong direction. Just tilt your head please 🙂

This certainly made me sweat and had my heart rate up, so it has my approval!  As the evening wore on and I got more used to the game and being a mature adult, you could make your player do any hand gesture you wanted.  I’ll just say we got creative and had some good laughs.  I think the next few games nights are over at BDs.