Jelly Bean Hell

Usually, jigsaw puzzles are completed at the lake during bad weather or close to bed time.  But during a dollar store run this fall, K got me this lovely jelly bean 1000 piece puzzle.  I let it stare at me for a few days before I decided it was time to open the box and try it out.  I didn’t have a lot of room for a puzzle and I didn’t want to leave it out 24/7, so I improvised with the back of an old framed poster that would slide under the couch.  Each attempt was anywhere from 1-2 hours at a time depending on my patience level and how bad my eyes were getting crossed from the colors.

1st attempt on October 19th, the frame.


On the subsequent attempts, I tackled it color by color until I was sick of the color and wanted to move on.  2nd attempt.


On the 3rd attempt, I was able to start connecting pieces to the frame.


4th attempt, connecting pieces to other pieces!


5th attempt.  Stating to come together Clark!


Finally finished the puzzle on the 6th attempt over Thanksgiving.  I don’t have my laptop with me, so you don’t get to see a picture of the final version but you get the idea and probably don’t care to either.  Call me an old maid.  Call me a loser.  Doesn’t matter.  This hobby dates way back to my childhood where my Dad and I would sit up at all hours at a card table in the family room doing 2 sided puzzles while Mom yelled at us to go to bed.  And, I think Dad gets it from his mom, Mimi, who at 91 is still doing 1000 piece puzzles to this day.

Hoosier Losers

We had a small but comfortable gathering for the IU v PU football game this year. It was an early morning start at 7:30am to make sure we had plenty of time to tailgate and fill our bellies before going into the game.


K and I left at half time to rejoin those at the tailgate that didn’t get tickets. That’s where we watched the my boilers tank it in OT. K was happy. Maximus was not, but he looked stellar in his gold jacket.


Then the tom foolery set it in.


A little game of stick ball in the street.


The loss of the Oaken Bucket sucked, but always a good time with friends.

The Power of Turkey

This was my 4th year running the Drumstick Dash on Thanksgiving day.  Last year, I was the lucky recipient of a turkey hat that I knew was in the wardrobe list for today no matter what!  I woke up to 53 degrees and drizzle.  As I was walking out the door, Mom says “You need a rain coat.”  I didn’t want to look THAT stupid, just this stupid…


I picked up the Pilot and BA, and we headed to the course which ended up basically in their backyards.  Rumors at the course said they had over 12,000 people.  8th year for the race and they have increased the participation 10x over.  Excellent to see.  The nice thing about this race is they have a short course for families of 2.3 miles.  The bad thing about this race is they have a course for families that don’t know the etiquette of racing.  Within a half mile, I happened upon a family of 4 strolling down the middle of the road.  I started in the 8 minute mile section, so that means these people were probably on the front lines.  Annoying but it is the day of thanks so I didn’t cuss at them.

On to the race.  Like I said, started in the 8 minute pack after my Turkey Trot time.  Didn’t need to be over zealous.  And, this was my last hard effort before the big run in a week + a few days.  I wanted to see 7:xx on my watch as much as possible.  So I went out a bit fast, but once through the pack, slowed to 7:50s.  The course was only 4.5 miles so I just kept on with what I could and would glance at the watch when I felt slow.  Avoided the puddles until my shoes were went enough from the rain.  No wind on the course until the last mile, but by that time, I wasn’t that aerodynamic anyway.  I missed the 4 mile mark but knew the end of the course was near since it runs right through Broadripple.  I rounded the last corner, and I stride-ed it out to finish in 35:56.  Very happy with that, but man I wore that turkey out!


Thanks to BA and the Pilot for braving the elements and getting in a good run for the day.  Always more fun with friends!

Happy Thanksgiving

Mom and Dad are coming through tonight to celebrate Thanksgiving with me before jetting off to see B and his fam.  I offered to make a turkey, cook steaks on the grill, whatever they wanted to eat.  Mom loves my lasagna, so we are having Thanksgiving lasagna.  In an effort to still keep it with a holiday theme, I stole K’s recipe for a cornucopia made out of breadsticks! 





Some of the sides fell down.  Shoulda used toothpicks, but I still think it turned out pretty hilarious.  I bought garlic bread to go with the meal, so this was a completely decorative project.  Guess I’ll be feeding the birds with this tomorrow.

Turkey Trot

I won and I didn’t get anything?!?!

My work building has a gym downstairs that always has some sort of active points program to encourage exercise and well being.  I, as a fan of those two things, like to participate to show support for the hard work I know goes into planning and running those programs.  Today was the Turkey Trot 3 Mile Fun Run or Walk.  They had 2 time slots to choose from and basically you leave from the gym doors and run to and around the canal, then back to our building.  My friends and I chose the 12pm slot.
The girl, from the gym NIFS, leading our group was a little hottie and I quickly realized why my friends (guys of course, sorry Mom) probably picked the nooner event.  As we started the run, they were hanging with her.  I wanted to go at a faster pace, so I asked my friend NL, who is an avid runner, what his pace would be for the day.  He just finished the Monumental Marathon, was done with training, so offered to go whatever pace I wanted.  Sweet!  He and I took off.  My watch hadn’t found the satellites yet, so I just went as fast as I felt I could go.  I was relying on NL for my stats but didn’t want to ask too early to mentally think it was too fast.  Usually for a race, I’m 8:10s.  This was faster but felt good.  So we did our 3 mile loop and hit the building in under 24 minutes.  To which, NL says “I didn’t know you were going to want to go that fast.”  Well, don’t leave the door open!  But I do appreciate him staying with me.  Helped me to keep up the quick pace running next to someone that is so much faster than me.
So my first first place and no swag.  You get entered into a drawing for anyone that participated.  I won’t hold my breath.

Cirque du So-Yoga

Tried something new recently.  Aerial Yoga.  I bought some sessions at a pilates studio by me not knowing they offered this.  I went to my first pilates class and noticed these trapeze looking things hanging from the building framework.  They literally removed ceiling tiles and had 8 stations in the room.  The fabrics are called “silks”.


Using the silks, you perform all sorts of acrobatic, yoga and fitness moves and poses.  The silks themselves are about your wingspan wide and depending on the move, you use half of the width, all of it, or a thick belt size.  It was a really cool experience I think anyone that likes yoga, gymnastics or looking to try some new, would enjoy.  Here’s me upside down with the silk as a low belt that loops over my hips. 


Doing this pose, you have the options of wrapping the silks around your ankles or all the way to wide open legs so you are just hanging on the silk using your low hip area.  Then you can also do handstand push ups, sit ups, or whatever in the hell you feel like.  It’s amazing how much taller and decompressed you feel after you leave.  I’ll probably buy some more sessions, but I’m off to try my hand at tennis for the next couple of weeks!  That should keep my busy enough!  

Here’s a video demonstrating some moves.  This class finished in the deep relaxation pose.  Felt like an alien in a cocoon.

No Returns

Mom and I have a tradition of me picking out all my Christmas gifts because we both hate returns.  She came down over the weekend to finish getting my presents picked out.  This actually starts in summer and usually wraps up before Thanksgiving.  This weekend, we wrapped up the list at the Holiday Mart.  And we brought K along to see the plethora of crap to buy at this event.  Scarfs, candy, coffee, silverware, jewelry, animal hats, bedazzled jeans.  They have it all.


So at Christmas, I open my gifts and go “Oh yeah, I remember picking that out!”


Well, I thought I had a good chance of being really rich today.  I’ve been playing around with Hoosier Lotto lately.  Not really into gambling, but for some reason I thought it’d be fun to play for the remainder of 2010.  I’ve gotten a little lucky hitting 2 numbers a few times which gets you a free ticket.

Last night, I discovered that I hit 4 of the 6 numbers in the lotto from Wednesday!  Holy gesus, what’s this mean?  Went to the website and it said my winnings were paramutual style.  After seeing that 3 numbers right equaled $6, my 4 could mean $10 or $10,000.  I told myself, self, don’t get your hopes up.  But I instantly had a flood of items I would spend my riches on.

Today, I headed to the Hoosier Lottery office with empty pockets for them to fill.  I figured I needed to redeem it at the headquarters because some gas station wasn’t going to have a bag of cash waiting for me.  Go to the source.  Took the lady 3 times to get the machine to read the ticket.  Finally it did and popped out a little receipt with a number on it.  My mega million winnings basically paid for all the tickets I bought in October.  A whopping $39 richer, am I!  Guess I’ll keep my day job.