Lemurs, Tigers, and Bears. Oh My!

Last week amidst a rainstorm, I headed towards Greensburg Indiana to play with Tigers.  Not joking.  A friend told me about a ranch that was raising 2 tiger cubs for a few weeks and their visitors were able to interact with them.  Giddy up!  After a minor rain delay, I was off to live out a dream of mine!


Stapp’s Circle Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to education on wildlife.  I’m not sure why they were raising Jasmine and Rocky this summer.  I didn’t get a chance to ask.  I was so awe struck by the little guys I could have pee’d my pants with excitement!



Scott, our trained animal handler, was allowed to put the tigers on you but you could rough house with them all you wanted. We were able to bottle feed them a bit of water when you could hold their attention. They were real active then all of a sudden just pass out for a few minutes, then start the cycle over again. It was very cute.



After the tigers were all worn out, Scott asked us if we wanted to feed the bears… Holy shit, Yes!  Yogi and Boo-Boo were very happy to get their favorite cheesy poofs treats.  Boo-Boo, however, was in heat so we didn’t get to feed her directly.  Yogi came over and patiently waited for some treats.


Adults were allowed to feed the bear through the big door and pet Yogi on the nose.


Then, as the last adult, Scott told me to trust him.  He told me to put a cheesy poof in my mouth and let Yogi get it.  Only an hour before the 2 bears looked like this, but when in Rome!  I’ll try to get the video posted this weekend.


They had a ton of other animals to observe too.





There were plenty more I didn’t show you here.  I recommend going if you can get there while the tigers are still around.  Once in a lifetime experience for a mere $13.  After we saw all the animals we could see, I wanted to head over to Greensburg for the final event of the day. A tree growing out of a building.



There is a long history of a tree growing here.  Over the years several have come and gone, so it was pretty cool to see this rare phenomenon.  Great memories!