Last Snowy Hoorah

After a slumber party in my room last night, the girls and I woke up to get ready for some ice skating at Longmont’s outdoor rink.  Of course, it was snowing but the place did have a roof and some heaters outside to warm up with.  Little kids get walkers to help them learn how to skate.  It’s quite funny to watch these little monsters zooming around and just crashing without caring.  Here’s our 2 little ones on the ice.


It was Sydney’s first time ice skating.  She took 2 laps with the walker then was ready to try it alone.  She was a good listener to the pointers I gave her and was moving around in no time.  By the end of our time at the rink, Reagan was able to go without the walker too!  Big day for both girls!

I also got a delivery from the Fuller Girl Scout with my cookies!


So, it’s back to the flatlands now where apparently, I’ll be treated to more snow this week.  I think my core temperature has dropped a few degrees.

Niece’s story…

Many thanks to the Fuller clan for letting me spend a few days in the mountains with them!  I had a great time as usual!