Skiing With Sydney

Today’s adventure was held at Eldora ski resort.  Sydney has been skiing a few times before but hadn’t been able to pick it up on her own yet.  Today’s goals were for Sydney to ski on her own, meaning Brandon is not within an arms length and, my goal was to point my board down the mountain instead of side to side.  I’m happy to report both goals were achieved!

I have to say I didn’t think Syd was going to get there.  I was trying to give her some pointers too, but then she’d look at me instead of her skis, so I took off to let the father-daughter duo to work their magic.  As I was going up a lift, I spotted them and this little pink blob went darting down the slope.  When I caught up with them, Brandon goes “Did you see that?  She got it!”  I think he was very proud.  Here are some pictures from our day.




The snow was so thick you couldn’t see the top of the lifts or the sun! It was great powder to get on.  We had almost a full day on the slopes and stopped at Wahoo Fish Tacos for some fuel.  Tonight we are just relaxing and hanging with the family.  Except Sydney just burped in my face.  I’m done hanging out with her now!

Tomorrow is ice skating with lessons by Reagan.  Good thing I got some practice a few weeks ago, so I won’t make a fool of myself (hopefully). 

Brandon’s story…

Here’s a little video of Syd skiing.