Get Me The “F” Outta Here

Usually at this time of year, I head west looking for snow, but strangely, we’ve had snow here for what seems like 10 days straight.  I do enjoy the snow, but when I’ve planned  a whole trip to go be in it, I don’t need it at home.  My parents invited me to Florida this week, but since it’s only 60s there, I think I made the right choice to keep my plans to go to Colorado.  I’m off for some skiing, boarding, mountain running, and family time.

My ride and I got to the airport a bit early, so we decided to chill in the cell phone lot for a bit.  Now, think about what a cell phone lot is for… waiting.  There’s no where to get out and go to.  No bathrooms.  Nothing.  But at the Indianapolis cell phone lot, if you’re handicap, you get the front spots.  WTF?  What is the point?  I headed inside and met up with my 3rd grade friend AJ.  He runs the bar at Champps.  If you need to kill some time, give him a visit.  He’ll keep you entertained while you wait.


The flight was uneventful, except for when I woke up from my usual nap about 30 minutes left in the flight.  Not sure what happened, but I think the altitude caused a ball of gaseous energy to encompass my entire stomach.  It felt horrible and like I was going to explode.  I could have laid in a ball in the aisle if it was allowed.  I was debating throwing up to see if it would release anything but that is never fun.  Luckily as I walked from the gate to meet my brother, a few little burps and toots (sorry, not attractive but was completely necessary) and I was back to normal.  I hope I never feel that again.

B and I arrived back to house where my nieces greeted me and showed me to my room.  They had decorated it with drawings and toys all over the bed and dressers.  They know how to take care of me!  I was promptly asked “Did you bring us anything?”.  I offered them my belt… toiletries…I am Ozzy book.  They didn’t want any of it.  But since I’m a good Aunt, I did bring presents and they gladly accepted those.

The kids are in bed, and that’s where I am headed after I pop a Zyrtech.  Looks like B are going to hit Keystone tomorrow.  Since I opted to fly ski-less this time, I’ll be renting the snowboard if I can’t get to a Sports Authority to buy one first!