City of Blue With a Spot of Black

Today is the final Colts Blue day before the Superbowl.  Each week of the playoffs, my company (and everyone in the city) encourages you to support the team by wearing any Colts apparel to work.  I have a Manning 18 jersey, but never wore it to work because the real team I was supporting is in that other NFL league and would most likely be the opponents to my city in the Superbowl.  Guess what happened… the Saints made it!  I’m assuming it’s fairly obvious why I’m a Saints fan, but to be clear, Drew was the quarterback during my years at Purdue.  I had 1 class with him, which when he did attend, kinda slept a few times, but it’s ok.  He was here for football.  Academics came 2nd.  I’ve followed his career since he left college, even at the Chargers, who are not very welcome in this city either.

So as each playoff week took place, and the Colts blue days occurred, I secretly wore a black shirt covered by some Colts blue inspired shirt but never wore a logo until today.  But I couldn’t just wear the Colts logo because in my closet I have a Brees jersey too.  I didn’t think it fair to wear one or the other because I support both teams for different reasons.  Just wear the Colts jersey and I’m not being true to a team I have followed all year.  Just wear the Saints jersey and get stoned to death by my co-workers.  So, I wore both without ruining either of them.  Best jersey eva.



Getting some funny looks, a few funny questions, but it was well received.  We’ll see how Sunday plays out.  I’m watching the game at a very loyal Colts fan’s house but he is also a Boiler alum.  I called ahead to make sure it was ok to sport a black #9 jersey.  I was granted permission only because it’s a Purdue alumni player but I am not allowed to cheer for any other player dressed in black that day.  Deal.  Either way, it will be a good victory for it’s own reason.  Let’s hope for a big day of offensive plays!