Look Ma, No Hands

Well kinda…. My mom came down today and as usual wants to clean something at my home.  When I was younger, I used to take offense to this offer as in “My place isn’t clean enough?! How dare you?!”.  Now that I am older and wiser, knock yourself Mama!  Today she wanted to clean my oven.  I don’t really understand why this is necessary.  Nothing has ever exploded in there.  I don’t put anything in it that needs to stay pristine and clean.  It probably has some leftover lasgana splashes, no big deal.  But unbeknownst to her, my oven has a “Clean” setting.  She didn’t trust it and didn’t get to see the finished product before heading home today, so you are getting this boring ass post to prove it works. 

Step 1, turn oven to “Clean” setting.

Step 2, lock oven door.

Step 3, wait 4 hours and 20 minutes.

The oven basically turns into an incinerator and burns any residue into ash.  Here is some on the grate.


A few wipes with a wet cloth and voila!


Guess I have no excuse now to keep a clean oven if it’s this easy. Is that what grown ups do?