Sports Jam

It’s been a sports filled couple of days.  Starting with Thursday and 3 losses for Testespikes.  We played like crap.  All of us really.  We had to pick up a sub since we still can’t figure out our other girl player.  We’re going to have to lock this down for next session.  I can’t handle it anymore.

Friday came and went with the Boiler victory in basketball, but not so lucky on Saturday with the Boiler football against the Spartans.  K and I headed to OPT to catch the action since IU was playing too.  MSU scored on Purdue almost instantly, so we had a huge hurdle to overcome right off the bat.  I thought we had the game in control until the 4th quarter.  It was ugly.  So we lost, and I have to pay up on my wager with Mrs. Fleury since she’s an MSU alum.  Sara, let me know what time your spawn goes to sleep and I’ll bring the booze. 

As K and I were walking to my car, I noticed some major bird poo on my windshield.  I had parked right under some powerlines where a massive flock of birds was resting.  They did a real nice job of unloading on my car.  And the best part… I had left the sunroof open and some of the little shits hit my head rest.


My friend Nate, who I get to cheer on at the 2010 Boston Marathon, offered me a courtside Pacer ticket to Saturday nights game.  Count me in!  Here’s our crew. 


We arrived fashionably late and had to walk on the court to get to our seats.  NBA players are huge, but being on the same floor as them really showed their size.  Kevin Garnett is 6′ 11”!  I felt about 4 foot tall!  



But up against this guy, I felt 7 feet tall.  He was just a wee lil’ guy.


The half time show was lame. He had nice pants though. He kept falling off the wire. Bring back the dogs. During the game, I was able to meet up with another friend that was attending the game and see my company’s CEO enjoying himself in our suite. I didn’t know we had a suite here too! New goal set for me!

I’m happy to report the Pacers were victorious! Thanks boys for letting this HUGE Pacer fan get in on the game!  Off to watch the Colts now!