Best Night Ever

The day had finally arrived.  The Metallica concert was on the horizon.  Everyone, including my co-workers, knew how much I had been looking forward to the show.  I’d been sharing secrets about my outfit because I didn’t want to just wear my normal clothes.  I needed to be Metallica-worthy.  Barb kept asking all day “Where you changing for the concert?”.  I kept telling her it was none of her business and she’ll get pictures.  Well, they made it their business.  As I’m finishing the look in the bathrooms tucked away by the cafeteria, her and 2 others come busting in camera in hand.


I headed over to the Pub before the show with my “bodyguard”.  My friend that was with me had a nice John Deere orange shirt amongst all the sea of black.  I think it toally looked like I was being protected.  One kid came up and asked my bodyguard if he could kiss me.  Luckily he said no, but I did get a kiss on the hand. 

Gojira and Lamb of God were the opening acts.  Neither of which I was interested seeing, so we hung out until about 8:30 then Jake arrived and we headed in.  Perfect timing!  We missed both acts and the roadies were getting the Metallica set ready.  We had spent some change on our seats because in Conseco if you get up high, the accoustics suck.  We were lower level just 20 rows up.  The stage was set in the middle of the floor and Metallica started the concert with some force! 


James had microphones at every side of the stage.  He would go around and sing to the whole arena.  Lars was in the middle and Kirk and Robert just ran around swinging their hair.  They played some new stuff and were promoting Death Magnetic their new album, but we also got the oldies of Master of Puppets, Unforgiven, One, Sad but True.  They opened with a laser light show, had pyrotechnics coming up thru the stage for some songs, then ended the night turning the lights on and releasing about 300 black randomly sized beach balls on the crowd.  Plus, James ripped his shirt off and got in the crowd.  It was awesome!  I have zero complaints about the show and would relive this night every night for the next 2 years.  I can’t say enough how great it was.  This is a band I will go see again, and again, and again.  Until next time…Nothing Else Matters.



Here’s some video of the show.  It starts with the opening song.  Then about 8 minutes in  you’ll see the fire show then the beach balls are at the end.