You Want Some of What I’m Having

I can’t quite piece together the story of my dream last night, but I can vividly remember various characteristics of the dream.  Take a peek:

  • 2 greyhound dogs.
  • 2 nuns.
  • My grandparents’ old house on Courtwood Drive.
  • 6 cats.
  • My niece Reagan’s bedroom full of cat hair (even though it was not her real bedroom).
  • 8 large squirrel-like critters with large beady cartoon eyes and no squirrel like tail, that were extremely curious animals.
  • A pair of sweat pants with said squirrel-like critters in them.
  • A tax bill for $1,012.86.
  • A lady that resembled a 50 year old powerpuff girl.
  • A doctor’s office with no furniture.
  • A drunk doctor trying to diagnose my cold.
  • A crying kid in the room with me that I tried to give a stuffed duck to.

I have no clue people.  I do not partake in legal or illegal pharmaceutical hobbies.  I ate a chicken fajita at 10 pm with a Jack and water.  Try it and let me know what you dream about.