Leadville Post-Race

After the race, we went back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the awards “ceremony”.  My brother took a tumble at one point during the race so he brought a bit of the mountain back with him.  When it was my turn to shower, it looked a kid’s sandbox in the tub!  We headed over to a gymnasium near the start line for the ceremony.  The emcee of the night was the original inventor of all these Leadville races.  This guy was funny, but I think he’s fried quite a few brain cells in his day.  Watch the video and you’ll understand.  Top 3 in each age group got a mining pan with a plaque in it.  Brandon and I didn’t come close.  But we did get our finishers mug and happily accepted them!  This video has some extra footage of the top 5 in case you want to see what killer mountain man runners look like.

After the ceremony, I was ready to live it up in Leadville!  I’ve always just passed through town from a hike or skiing, so I was anxious to see what, if any, nightlife there was.  And, there wasn’t much.  We stopped in one bar that had “Cash only” sign. Crap, I was going to buy my bro a beer but couldn’t. Brandon was ready to call it a night, so I tagged along with some fellow runners at the bar. We bar hopped, played shuffle board with some locals and listened to live music.  It was great relaxing end to a hard day.  The family packed up today and we are headed back to Longmont.  Well, it’s been fun Leadville.  Next time I see you, hopefully I’ll be passing through on my way to more leisurely Colorado sport involving snow!

Leadville Trail Marathon 2009