No Point in Staying Home

A whole week since my last post?!  Just busy I guess.  Volleyball, movies, golf, kickball.  Friday rolls around… I have only spent one weekend in Indy since summer started, so no reason to stay in town and make it two!  I headed to Jasper, Indiana with my girlfriend K for a family friendly weekend.  We rolled out of town after work to make the 2.5 hour drive.  I was playing my usual sign alphabet game and what-does-that-cloud-look-like contest to pass the time when something caught my eye.  A camel.  Yes, a camel.  K says it was an elk farm and assured me they tend to have a humped back.  “No. I saw 2 humps.”, I said as I Pictionary-ed it with my finger.  K is stuck on it being an elk.  I have back up with Jessi agreeing that just because K is from Jasper, doesn’t make her an expert.  (Jessi is aware of my mystery interstate animal sightings as we both saw a “penguin” on a trip to Chicago, but that’s another story.)

We got into town around dinner and hit the Mill House for some grub.  We stopped by one of her old classmates and then we hooked up with Audrey and Kyle who also happened to be in town.  We had some drinks at Headquarters, one of the two bars the town has.  I’m not a big gambler, but I spied some scratch off tickets behind the counter.  I had $2 bucks on me, so I got 2.  K’s was a loser, but mine was a winner!


These 2 tickets led to an hour of fun and a series of purchases involving 19 total scratch offs!! 


I was up $15 at one point, but in the end had $4 to spend or save.  Would I either double my initial investment and stop or spend it on more tickets???  NO DEAL was the vote.  Spent that $4 and we lost.  Saturday, we headed over to Patoka Lake to meet up with the family.


The weather wasn’t the greatest, so we hung out a bit, then headed over with K’s mom and cousin to see the Marengo Cave.  I have never done anything like this before and it was awesome!  I will say it had this weird “is this fake?” Disney vibe because it’s seems so unreal that 2 kids 100+ years ago just stumbled upon this.  We were 200 feet below ground at some points.  During the tour, there were spots that you could touch the top and at others, you could drive 5 semis side-by-side down the corridors.  I tried to take some video too, but it really doesn’t do it justice.  I recommend doing this if you ever have a hour to spare while down south.






We finished up with some souvenirs from the shop and headed back to the lake.  More people had showed up at this point, so I think we had about 30 people.  I played a game of Scrabble (and was victorious) and some Euchre (not victorious).  We finished with some smores by the fire and headed off to bed.  It was a great time.  Thanks to K for letting me be an honorary Fischer for the weekend!