George Goes Home

The day had finally come.  George had to go home.  It’s been a good 3 weeks of fun, but I do admit I was tired of catching moths and digging up worms for this little dude.  And I think he was tired of living in a glass house too.  I will say, from my previous turtle experiences, this guy had no fear.  He wasn’t shy.  He had gusto and didn’t care.  I figured he’d jump into the lake when I released him.  Yea… not so much…

Backpeddle?  A turtle that backpeddles from the water.  Good lord.  Well, we got on with our weekend of fun that included puzzles, cards, boche ball… you name it.  We had fun.  Except when Ephraim and I tried to finish a brand new puzzle that was missing 1 piece.  EXTREMELY frustrating.  But, I got a little cardio in too.  And yes, first try… I was up and running.  This is about 10 minutes long, but at least listen to it for Bruce’s stupid commentary and watch me face plant the lake a few times.  Note to self… don’t give Bruce the camera again.  (Wait… haven’t I said that before?)

Jared’s Debut

My buddy Jared won a Backyard Party courtesy of Outback Steakhouse and WTHR channel 13.  And let me tell ya… they picked the hotest day of the year.  It was schwetty.  Fun, but schwetty.  Unfortunately, Jared’s segment got cut a bit short due to the recent celebrity deaths, but here’s a behind the scenes view.

After the party, we weren’t quite sweating enough, so we went over to play some kickball in the heat.  The Commando’s were victorious!  I need to learn to catch again, but I did get on base once and advanced to 2nd.  2nd time up, not so good.  It amazing how serious these adults get at this game.  BA looks very defeated after his turn at bat and Jessi is warming up her legs like she’s at the Boston marathon.

Death Trifecta

Our Father who art in heaven….

So I’m in a dead pool.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  You don’t hope or pray that people die.  You make a list of the top 50 people you think might die in the year to come.  But in the off chance that they do, you get points for the # you have assigned to them.  There a few rules like (a) the person’s death has to make national headlines, (b) the person has to have a birth certificate… stupidest rule ever!  A fetus is a person.  Just ask Pro-Lifers, Dead-Pool-Organizer!   Some skinny Hollywood crack girl gets knocked up again… the baby’s on my list!  There are some other rules, but overall this has been a sad, but good, week for my dead pool list.

June 19th – Tomoji Tanabe, the oldest man in the world, dies at his home in Japan at age 113.  You can understand why this guy is on my list and why this guy was #50 on my list. BINGO BABY!  I do want to live to be 100, so I look up to this man for keeping on as long as he did.

June 25th – Farrah Fawcett dies.  She wasn’t a big icon to my generation, never seen Charlie’s Angel’s, but on my list because of the ass cancer.  Point value = 28.


June 25th P.M. – Michael Jackson?!  Seriously?  He was a long shot on my list.  Figured his skin would fall off or his nasal passages would collapse and he’d be a goner.  I was at a backyard party when I got the news and did a fist pump in the air, only to realize I was surrounded by 60 church goes and their kids.  Tried to play it off as a stretch.  Don’t think it worked.  Michael is an icon to any age group.  I am sad to see this happen, even though he had a creepy phase that I will never understand.  He was talented musically and a great entertainer.  In memory of him, we wore white gloves to the kickball game and sported a red leather jacket.  Point value = 23.  Rest in peace Billie Jean.


Ft. Wayne Weekend Celebrations

A friend Andy from high school tied the knot this weekend, so a few of us traveled up north for the big hoopla.  I was on a time crunch after my race, so as an old lady, I wore my hair in rollers as I drove up there then got ready at my parents house. 


My mom has known the Offerle family for years so she attended the wedding with me.  It was beautiful and quick. Just how a wedding should be!  The reception was at Pine Valley Country Club where I use to work during my summers home from college.  I was a “cart monkey” and got people’s clubs ready and loaded on the cart for their tee time.  I ran into the pro-shop to see what was new… the employees were.  They didn’t look a day over 17.  Oh wait, I was only 18 when I started there.  I felt old.  Went over to the reception where the adults were and got a picture with the groom.


There were quite a few people there I hadn’t seen since they graduated so it was nice time to do a bit of catching up with some of them.  A few of them were fellow runners too.  One reminded me and his wife of the time I mooned him during a cross country race.  Oops, forgot about that one.  She seemed pretty cool and I reassured her that wouldn’t happen again.  Here are some fellow Saints, Marcus and Chris.


Sunday was Father’s day, but my father wasn’t feeling the best.  He’s had a cough all week, so he stayed home while Mom and I attended mass at St. Anne’s with my Grandma, Mimi.  Talk about a sight to see.  A retirement home catholic mass.  There were more wheelchairs and walkers than prayer books.  Just FYI – I did take communion and no, my tongue did not burn off.  At the end of mass, my Mom looks at me and says “You can either take the prayer books or grab an old person.”  WTF?  I guess everyone that visits, helps out and wheels the fogies out so they can get back to their respective floors and rooms.  I chose prayer books. 

We got back to my parents to find my Dad already about done with 1 of the 2 books I bought him.  Maybe the second will last until Thursday. We had a nice lunch and then I headed back to Indy.  It was a long weekend, but great memories of it all!



Swim, Bike, Bowl?

Saturday was my June community event, the Sprint triathalon at Eagle Creek.  Since you have to get up at the butt crack of dawn for this race and have so much gear to take, I prepacked and even made a list of things that I still needed to grab in the morning like water from the fridge and my watch from the charger.  I got up, grabbed all my stuff and got to the course at 7 am.  I started empting all my stuff from the car and did a recheck to make sure I didn’t leave anything behind.  Googles and swim cap, check.  Bike and helmet, check.  Running shoes… Running shoes?… Bueller?… Bueller?  Whoopsie!!!  Oddly, I didn’t panic and just assessed the situation.  I had two options.  Option 1 – I had approximately an hour and 20 minutes before my scheduled start time.  I could try to get home and back and park and set up in time, or Option 2 – Make do with whatever shoes I had in my car because I was wearing flip flops.  Option 2 won and I wore the shoes that I wear bowling.  I keep a small sports locker in my trunk so it was either that or golf spikes.  I’ll take the bowling shoes. 


I headed to check in and get my numbers 352 tattooed on my arm. I only knew 1 other person doing the race, and I was able to run into him before we started. He said he forgot his goggles.  I told him my story and he said “You win.” Here’s my station.



Instead of starting the swim in age group waves this year, they did it in numerical order about 1-2 seconds apart.  They called 350-400 and off I went.  It was much better but you still did run into people.  I started out freestyle but my lungs weren’t liking it, so I switched to back stroke which was working really well for me.  I was making my tangent lines to the buoys to keep the distance to a minimum.  I ended up actually hitting one buoy that kind of shot me off like a right hand turn.  Took about a minute for me to figure out that I was off course and right might self back on track.  I exited the water at 12 minutes and change.  I was cool with that.  

I got through my first transition without a hitch and headed onto the 10 mile bike ride.  My problem in the bike last year was that I had mountain bike tires and didn’t know the appropriate shifting style up and down hills.  I fixed the shifting problem so I was hoping to do a little bit better this year.  Pretty uneventful ride.  Hit the transition area and set out for the 3 mile run at about one hour into the race.

I figured the run was going to suck.  I knew I did 27 minutes last year, so I figured I’ll have to settle for 10 minute miles in my bowling shoes.  So I didn’t check my watch and just ran how I was feeling.  I passed a young kid on the road and he started to pace with me.  We started chatting and found out he was going to be a Senior at Logansport High School.  I asked if he was going to try and run in college and especially at Purdue.  Kirby said yes to the running, but probably at IU because he wanted to go to med school.  I told him I’d let it slide.  He asked me if I was in school at Purdue.  Bless his little heart.  I informed him of my age and that he was a baby when I was in school.  He did the obligatory, “you don’t look like you are 31.” but it still made my day!  We were cruising with about 1/2 mile to go so I started talking up the kick to the end and that we needed to pick up the pace.  I don’t think he was happy but he went with it until the last turn.  I started striding out and was encouraging him to come with  me.  He said he couldn’t, so I kept pushing because I had it in me.  Right as I was about to the finish, here comes Kirby flying behind me.  I think he didn’t want the old maid beating him.  I crossed the line, stopped my watch and saw 1:26:29!?  WTF?!  Seriously?  I PR’d in bowling shoes?!  SWEET!

Compared to last year…

Event 2009 2008
Swim 12:20.1 11:12.3
Transition 01:43.7 0:1:39.7
Bike 0:45:33.9 0:47:12.7
Transition 01:15.9 01:07.7
Run 0:25:35.1 0:27:18.1
Finish 1:26:28.8 1:28:30.5

Maybe next year I’ll remember all my gear and have the right bike!

EDIT: Pictures courtsey of




Let There Be Light

My aquarium light went out about a week ago.  The housing unit on it was shot.  The ends were flimsy and the bulb no longer sat firm in the sockets.  Even the piece that held it on the lid was covered in duct tape.  I adopted this aquarium from my parents when I downsized my 125 gallon to this 55, and they upsized this 55 to a real koi pond at their house.  I started researching hood lights and was finding new pieces from $40-$100.  I’m ready to sell this tank because now, I want to upgrade to a new one I’ve seen.  I wasn’t in the mood to spend any money to fix it, so I let the creative juices kick in. 

About 3 days ago I realized, the pieces I needed were actually in my kitchen!  I’ve been waiting to redo the kitchen anyway, so this would be my kick start to that project.  So, I flipped the circuit off, climbed up my counters, and disassembled 2 of my florescent lights for parts.  I removed the entire old light housing from the tank lid and got the wires off.  With a little gorilla glue ($4.50) and some electrical tape ($0.60), TA-DAH!



So here’s the final product!  I think the fish are quite excited for light. (or maybe that’s me and glad I don’t have a ghetto fish tank anymore)


Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary!

10 years ago today, I was sunning myself on the beautiful beaches of Kauai.  Thanks to my brother and Kim, I got a 7 day trip to Hawaii on my parents dime!  We spent time on Waikiki then headed over to Kauai for the ceremony.  The intensity of the sun is so different.  I was football brown without the football looking skin.  It was awesome!  But eventually my Dad won the tanning contest without even trying.

The point of this post… Happy 10th wedding anniversary Brandon and Kim! You guys have been together much longer than that though. I think in total, you’ve been together for approximately 19 years.  Holy shit. My wish for you… May your love together always be as great as it was when you first felt butterflies for each other!

In case you forgot, here’s what you looked like when your love first started blossoming…



Wicked Fun

My Mom found a bus trip down here that included shopping and tickets to the musical Wicked.  Count me in!  I met her and 2 bus fulls of Ft. Wayne-ers at Circle Center mall.  Everyone got a few hours to shop and enjoy downtown before the show.  Since I parked at my work and walked over, I hopped on the bus to get a shuttle to the Murat so I wouldn’t have to deal with parking.  Our seats were fantastic!  Balcony center about 9 rows up.  Here’s the set that welcomed us to our seats.


This show was phenominal!!  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a comedy about the Wizard of Oz that tells how Glinda got to be the good witch and how Elphaba became the bad witch.  It starts way back in time and shows the girls growing up and going to Witch school.  I’ll leave it at that for now, because you really want to see it live.  The cast was amazing and the songs the girls sang together were harmonized perfectly.  There was one scene in the show that Glinda cracked herself up so bad, so had to take 30 seconds to compose herself, then went right back into character.  The crowd loved it.  The only bad part of the show was the flying monkeys.  I have hated these things since childhood.  They creep me out.  I will not watch any part of the movie that has these things in it or the chatting stomps of the Oh-wee-oh dudes.  This show had these monkeys on wires and wings flying all over the stage.  I about wanted to vomit.  My mom just laughed at me.  The show could have went on for 4 more hours and I would have stayed glued to my seat.  I think musicals might be my new big thing to do.

After the show, I headed to the bus to grab my shopping bags and walk back to my car.  My Mom had commented on some tents and booths she saw on the way thru town.  I couldn’t figure out what it was for.  As I was walking to the car, a guy yells from his car window, “Hey honey, your shoes are flawless!”  Reminded me… it was gay pride day in Indy.  Thanks for the shout out dude!  Added the cherry to my already great day!  Thanks for the invitation Mom!  I had a great time with you!


Kleeman and the BoDeans

My buddy Scott Kleeman turned the big 4-0 this week.  His friends planned a surprise party for him in Broadripple.  In true Jessi fashion, she made Kleeman faces on a stick.  My 30th birthday face on a stick still haunts me to this day, so good luck with that Scott.  They had Scott sit on stage and give him a roast from all of his friends and a special message from his Mom.  It was hilarious and I did catch it on tape.  It’s about 30 minutes long, so be prepared.

I had found out earlier in the day that the BoDeans were playing at the Vogue.  I hadn’t seen the BoDeans for 10 years… WOW… 10 years.  I was in college, and my great friend Bruce Barker surprised me with a road trip to Indy to see them.  His friend and talented musician, Mike Kelsey, was opening up for them.  It was a great time, so I left the birthday bash and headed to the concert for some more memories.  I was a bit late, but I was able to catch their most famous song Closer to Free and my favorite, Naked.  As I observed the crowd, I noticed everyone seemed to be about 15-20 older than me.  Oh well, I danced like a fool and had a great time.  Here’s some video from the concert.  I think I was 3 seconds from getting busted when I put the camera away.  Phew.


Not A Good Look

Is this hot or what?!


What this picture does not portray, is that I was soaking wet from head to toe.  My sprint triathalon is next weekend and I needed to get some swim time.  I hadn’t attempted the freestyle since the sprint triathalon last year so I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget how.  I’ve been riding my bike to the gym for a little extra umph in my workouts.  The weather didn’t look great but it seemed all the storm clouds were north of me.  I figured since I was going to be wet from the pool, a little added rain if it happened wasn’t a big deal.  So I headed to the gym for my 600 yd workout.  While in the locker room when I finished, I heard what sounded like very heavy rain and thunder.  WTF?  Outside, it was a monsoon.  Downpour central.  It didn’t look like it was going to let up, so I just went with it.  About a 1/2 mile into my ride, I couldn’t see.  The rain drops were so big it was messing with my contacts when I would blink.  Solution… put on my swim goggles and ride!  So I did!  Worked perfectly.  By the time I got home the rain had quit.  Hindsight… maybe I should of waited just 5 minutes longer at the gym.