Talk Walk Run 2009

My friend Kristin is a Speech Pathologist at Riley.  She told me about a 5k that benefited Hear Indiana a month or so ago.  Bad news was it was the weekend after the mini.  Amanda was volunteering so I thought about doing that since I was hesitant to sign up not knowing how I’d feel, but luckly, I’ve been keeping pretty active this week and my legs feel good enough to push a 5k out.  Plus it was at Ft. Ben… about the only hilly place in Indy, so I figured it was a good baby start to my upcoming doom.  A few friends, including Kristin’s husband Mike were working the registration table.  Here’s Mike in action.

talkwalkrun2009 001.jpg

Bruce and Yasmeen were also there to help out.

talkwalkrun2009 003.jpg

I registered, did some stretching and handed Bruce my camera.  Note to self: never leave your camera with Bruce.  I ended up with pictures like this.

talkwalkrun2009 013.jpg

talkwalkrun2009 011.jpg

The race was organized by Ken Long & Associates.  They need to get their act together, because their 2 mile marker was really at 2.70!!  During the race, I’m telling some people and kids that are walking… 2 miles to go, 1 mile to go, etc.  I see that sign and had a WTF moment.  The course itself was accurate, but for some novices, it would have been a little defeating hearing your time yelled out and it’s way off.  Regardless, it was a great race.  Kristin did an excellent job organizing and making sure everything was taking care of… right down to making sure Miss Indiana knew where to be!

talkwalkrun2009 017.jpg

Final result – I finished in 27:07 with a pace of 8:47.  Cool thing was KLA sent me an email with my results too.  Out of the 12 (WOW 12) in my age group, I finished 2nd.  Cool?  Well maybe not when there is only 12. 

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My New Toy

Last year between my Triathlon and my Urban Adventure race, some punk stole my Trek bike.  I had been storing it in my patio which has a 6 foot tall fence and gate.  Someone must have seen me going in or out at one point and decided they should have my bike and not me.  Shitty part was, I didn’t notice it was gone until the morning of my Urban race!  At 6 am, I had to borrow my friend Sara’s who is much taller than me.  Still never found my bike.  I check EVERY person I see riding a bike.  If I ever see it, that person better watch out.  I’ll take them down by car, by foot, by any means necessary.  Oh, and I bought a lock for the gate.  I didn’t feel like spending a bunch of money again, so I hit up craigslist to see what I could find.  Here’s the new bike.

new bike 001.jpg

I haven’t really rode it yet.  I got it over to the gas station to get some air in the tires, but I’ve had a pretty full workout week and with a race tomorrow, I didn’t feel the need to fit in a bunch of extra miles.  Next week, it will definitely get christened.  Sara and I are going to participate in the National Bike to Work Day on Friday.  If you work downtown and want to join us, comment and I’ll let you know our plan! 

A New Spin on Climbing

For the past few Labor Days, I’ve visited my brother and we’ve climbed a mountain or 3 during my stay.  This year, Colorado baby #3 should be here by then, so he’s cancelled all of his hobby-type events to make room for lots of family time.  Luckily he said July would be a good month to plan a trip.  I sent him a tentative itinerary for flights and days to climb the weekend of July 11th.  He sends me back this… “Leadville has a Heavy Half Marathon that day.  You run up to 13,000 feet and back.  The run down is a blast if you don’t fall off the edge.”

Crap.  What to do?!  I thought about it for 1 day.  Took a few surveys from friends.  One resulted in this graph which should have scared me away.


Well, it didn’t and I’ve decided to do this bat-shit crazy event.  My logic was (a) I go out there to go up a mountain.  This will satisfy that requirement.  (b) Normal climbs are around 15 miles long.  This is no further.  (c) Normal climbs are 5-10 hours long.  This thing cuts you off at 5.5 hours.  (d and most influential)  I can’t say no to a challenge like this.  SIGN ME UP BRO!

According to my brother, if you are last, you get the “last ass over the pass” award at the dinner. I’ll try not to shoot for that as my goal.  Brandon is going to do the full marathon, but a few years ago, he did the Heavy-half.  You can read his story here and see some pics.  I’m off to the gym to put a tredmill on full incline and see how long it takes me to collapse.  Please pray for me.

Feel free to comment on which of my possessions you would like me to leave you in case I do fall off the side.  I have a Michael Jordan rookie card, talking E.T. doll, and an autographed picture of Gene Keady… just to name a few ideas.

7 Years Running, Literally

Today is the day I dread every year.  The Mini marathon.  This is my 7th time at the race, and this year I was especially nervous.  I’ve had sinus issues for 2 weeks.  I think I’ve ran 5 times since the Big 10 5K, including once this past week for 5 to see how 10 minute miles felt.  Needless to say, I’ve been slacking on my workouts.  I don’t train specifically for the Mini anyway, but I’ve always relied on my normal physical activity to get me thru it.  Knowing all this, I felt like 2:15 to 2:30 was realistic.

Usually I’m a stickler for my race routine, but today it wasn’t happening.  You are suppose to be in your corral at 7 am, but the race doesn’t really start until 7:33.  I woke up at 6:20am and had all my clothes laid out.  My lucky race sports bra elastic finally had it.  Crap, this sports bra verges on superstition for me!  Pick another and move on.  For the past 6 years, I’ve parked on St. Clair and have never had trouble getting in or out.  My company allowed us to park in their lot today… ok it’s closer, I’m in.  Change #2 to my routine.  I arrived at 7 am, and good thing was, I can use our bathrooms and not the port-o-johns with the long lines.  Sweet!  While I’m in the bathroom, a girl says “let’s go it’s 7:20”.  Crap!  I like to be in the corrals by 7:15.  I hopped in my corral at 7:25 just in time for the wave and the countdown.  Tags on, let’s go!



I had my trusty Forerunner205 and my Nano, since this was the first time in 3 years I’ve ran alone.  I’ve never ran a race with music before, so it was another change to my race routine.  First couple miles were feeling pretty good, minus a side cramp.  I was hitting 9:20-9:40s and I was able to get the cramp out by mile 5.  The track came up pretty fast at mile 6.  I think the music just tuned me out to what I was really doing.  I had my slowest mile at the Track.  It was a 10:02.  I debating not kissing the bricks to keep my time down, but then decide that was just stupid.  You HAVE to kiss the bricks!  So I dropped to a push up, kissed the bricks, and was back on my way.

I usually take my first and only water at the track, but I was feeling a little weak, so I took one at 9 and 10 too.  Checked my time and I was on pace to hit 2:10 and possibly break it.  I dug up some more motivation and was trying to power thru to mile 12.  I run this race thinking it’s 12 miles long because the last mile is a straight shot to the finish line, so I just consider it the homestretch.  Just a mental game I play to shorten the race I guess!

Mile 12 came and so did a up chuck feeling from my stomach.  Oh god… yep, I threw up over the bridge!  It was just water, but still nasty.  I took a 15 second break to make sure it was over and then got back to the street to get this last mile over with.  I checked my watch to see where I was at, only to realize it had accidently stopped.  Crap!  What was my time?  You can start to see the finish line clocks with about a quarter mile to go.  So, I just pushed as much as I could and finally saw 2:12.  I started 6+ minutes after the clock, so I was psyched!  I gave it all I had and crossed the finish with an official time of 2:08:11!!!!  HOLY SHIT is all I have to say.

Mom, I’ll walk next year if you want.

EDIT:  Picture from the event.


We Are the Champions!

After 3 seasons together, we finally did it!  First time playing together, we lost in the Semis.  Second time, we lost in the Finals.  Third times a charm!!!!  It was a bit of a rough victory though.  The team we played in the Semis thought they were playing USVA ball.  It was very annoying.  I am a stickler for rules, but I do understand the difference between competitive ball and recreational sport.  This is a recreational league.  I try to do my best to call out our team mistakes and not be the guys that “get away with shit”.  Well, this team wasn’t having anything but perfection on every ball.  You are suppose to call your own fouls in this league, so I take real offense to an opponent stopping the play because they think what you did was illegal.

Long story short, there was trash talking by a few players on both teams and I wasn’t having any of it.  I’m not here for this bullshit.  I’m here to play, to win, but most to have fun.  This wasn’t fun.  I told a complete stranger, with a hand in his face, to “Shut the fuck up and play volleyball.”  I told this same thing to my teammate.  It was just ugly.  Words were flying and I heard “your mama would be proud of that mouth…” WHATEVER.  Grow up.  Luckily, we used the aggression and beat that team.  We took on a new team in the Finals and beat them in 2 games.  VICTORY!!  Abe, Jenny, Tim, Chris and Adam – Nice work Team!  Sounding like a 4th grade soccer Mom, I’m so proud of you! 

Then the best spoiler… We don’t win anything!?  We payed over $200 to play in this league and not even a $5 coupon to McDonald’s?  CCA will be getting an email from me.