Adult Games

I headed downtown for some live music with friends.  We ended our night at Jillian’s to hear Blaine’s ladyfriend sing with her band.  They are called Good Karma and were really good.  Check them out if they hit your local bar sometime.  We played a ton of games, but I will report that I was victorious at Daytona 500 and air hockey.  Pop a shot and skeeball, not so much.  We ended our evening at the GeneMachine.  Then, of course, to make it a competition out of it, we had to survey the bar to see who’s kid was cuter.  Sara thinks she one.  I think I won.  You can decide but I’m not telling you who is who. 


After all of our games, we each got new boat cups for the summer.  And here’s some video too.  It’s hard to drive and film at the same time.  Women drivers I swear…