Me and Portable Electronics Do Not Mix

Well it only took me 6 months to break my cell phone.  Lord, I swear I don’t do this on purpose.  About a month ago, something funky was going on with the Send key.  Send was almost like a back button but then sometimes would call the person that was next in my contact list and not the real person I meant to call.  Then I’d txt and if I tried to go backward, it would put a string of a’s in words.  I figured out how to live with it because I didn’t want to spend any money on a new phone BECAUSE…. I just had to shell out $200+ to replace my Mino.  Yes my beloved Mino.  That got accidentally dropped in a toliet 2 months ago.  Long story, don’t ask.  Since I upgraded to the HD version, it costed a few more bucks than I was expecting.  Gotta have the best!

Last night before bed, I plugged my phone in to charge only to wake up this morning to 1 bar.  WTF?  Tried my 2nd charger.  Same thing.  It wouldn’t take a charge.  Crap.  I prepared myself to have to shell out $50-$200 to fix it.  Figuring they would see the large crack in the front screen and not want to do anything under warranty.  I took it to Verizon and they replaced it for free!  AWESOME!  Since the crack had nothing to do with the charger slot being loose, it took all of 5 minutes and I was out the door.  Let’s see if I can get this one to last 1 year.

If I am ever out with you and you see me put my Mino or my phone in my back pockets, smack me in the face and set me straight.  Thank you.