Kids After My Own Heart

Anyone that knows me, knows I’ve never been one to declare at the top of my lungs that I want children.  Just never felt like it was in my genes.  I did have one, yes one, occasion last year that made the littlest tiniest part of my heart say hmm.  Not hmmmm.  Just hmm.  I was running the Jingle Bell run and this little boy was with his Dad on the sidelines and saw his Mom finishing the race and it was like he saw Santa Claus.  The kid got so damn excited and happy, even I will admit, it was cute.  

I read and watched something today that made my hmm go to hmmmmmmm.  My beautiful nieces competed in their first race together.  I present to you, Sydney and Reagan.  It took Brandon and I 30 years to do our first race together, so seems like they are on a good track to kicking our asses!!  Girls, I’m so proud of you!  And Brandon, I am so proud of you!  Way to support your girls in finishing the race.  Sorry Dad, but I have video footage and volume of you turning the camera sideways because I was so slow you couldn’t stand it.  Oh, and there was that time we didn’t speak for 2 weeks because you thought my ankle injury was in my head.  Oh well, I was never meant to be an Olympic runner anyway.

Impromptu Pool Party

Some friends wanted to sit outside and enjoy the sun during lunch yesterday.  Amanda said Abeulos, I heard Margaritas… count me in.  We grabbed a table outside on the patio and unforunately had to witness the death of a poor little birdie.  Then a stupid lady kicked it with her Sunday church shoes about 5 times until it rolled into the mulch.  Grab a leaf and do the right thing woman!  R.I.P. Little buddy.

We got done eating and weren’t done with the sun yet so we wanted to continue the party but our community pool wasn’t open.  Creativity set in… with a baby pool, some deep breaths and a hose, our Sunday Funday was complete!