Ft. Wayne Invades

My Mom and I attend the Broadripple Art Fair each year.  We decided to spice things up this year and invited some of her friends from Ft. Wayne to join us.  She’s involved with all kinds of clubs and activities (sound familiar??) so she was able to round up 4 of her friends from Rotary and the Art League to join her.  I’ve met a few of these women before when I’ve traveled home to help my Mom with her fundraising events, so it was nice to get to see them outside of the those and just hang out.  They even came up with some additional places here they wanted to visit so it was going to be a full day.  They arrived at my condo where I had a breakfast casserole, all kinds of fruit, and most importantly, Mimosas!  We ate and chatted for a bit, then piled into 2 cars and headed to the fair. 

Everyone traded cell phone numbers to make sure we didn’t lose anyone in the group, and headed out to find our artist treasures.  The weather wasn’t the greatest, so we hit the Student artist sale first.  You can find really nice pieces for very cheap here since these artists are just starting out.  The group, in total, got quite a few things throughout the day and met back at the cars to hit our next spot, a boutique and a bistro.   Earlier in the day, I overheard Sandy say the Bistro was right next to the boutique.  I knew the boutique was on Illinois.  My google search had shown the Canal Bistro off Guilford and that’s where our reservations were.  I figured we might as well hit the boutique and we’ll see if there is a bistro nearby.  If not, we’ll use Plan B with the reservations.  Good news bad news.  The OH YUMM bistro was next door, but not open.  So we spent some time shopping then everyone was definitely ready for some food!  Canal Bistro has a Mediterrian flare to the menu so I was a bit worried, but these women loved every bit of it.  Here’s our crew. 


I’m so happy my Mom has the women to run around with up north, when she’s not running around down here with me!  Thank you Ruth, Betty, Sandy and Rodey for a great day!  I hope I have the same gusto for life like you all do at your age!  Mom, thanks for sharing me with your friends!  I might be calling in your group’s brain power on my next fundraiser!  Might as well use these smart women’s brains as a resource!