Andretti Green Race Day

My company is a big sponsor at Andretti Green race team.  Because of that, their 2 drivers, Marco Andretti and Tony Kanan, are required to make an appearance at our office.  Their pictures and cars have been in our lobby for quite awhile, so it was time to see them in person. 

Picture 002.jpg

The event was held in our auditorium.  Marco and Tony were stationed in 2 directors chairs with our company banner behind them.  We all shuffled in line to a table that had posters they would sign for you.  You could even bring in your own stuff… and some people brought in a lot!  I don’t have any race gear like this so I grabbed my free posters and waited my turn.  I couldn’t come up with anything clever to say, so I thanked them for taking time to come down and meet with us.  I was going to ask Marco if he was of legal drinking age because he didn’t look a day over 17…. but I didn’t.  I felt kind of silly anyway because there was this “assembly line” feel to everything, so it wasn’t a real personal experience.  Wonder if they enjoyed it or not?  Guess I did it just to say I’ve met them.  A photographer was there to take pictures too. It will be interofficed to me, so depending on how well it turned out, you might get to see it.

If anyone is dying to have a Marco Andretti and Tony Kanan autograph, let me know.  I’m willing to part with them for someone else’s enjoyment.