Talk Walk Run 2009

My friend Kristin is a Speech Pathologist at Riley.  She told me about a 5k that benefited Hear Indiana a month or so ago.  Bad news was it was the weekend after the mini.  Amanda was volunteering so I thought about doing that since I was hesitant to sign up not knowing how I’d feel, but luckly, I’ve been keeping pretty active this week and my legs feel good enough to push a 5k out.  Plus it was at Ft. Ben… about the only hilly place in Indy, so I figured it was a good baby start to my upcoming doom.  A few friends, including Kristin’s husband Mike were working the registration table.  Here’s Mike in action.

talkwalkrun2009 001.jpg

Bruce and Yasmeen were also there to help out.

talkwalkrun2009 003.jpg

I registered, did some stretching and handed Bruce my camera.  Note to self: never leave your camera with Bruce.  I ended up with pictures like this.

talkwalkrun2009 013.jpg

talkwalkrun2009 011.jpg

The race was organized by Ken Long & Associates.  They need to get their act together, because their 2 mile marker was really at 2.70!!  During the race, I’m telling some people and kids that are walking… 2 miles to go, 1 mile to go, etc.  I see that sign and had a WTF moment.  The course itself was accurate, but for some novices, it would have been a little defeating hearing your time yelled out and it’s way off.  Regardless, it was a great race.  Kristin did an excellent job organizing and making sure everything was taking care of… right down to making sure Miss Indiana knew where to be!

talkwalkrun2009 017.jpg

Final result – I finished in 27:07 with a pace of 8:47.  Cool thing was KLA sent me an email with my results too.  Out of the 12 (WOW 12) in my age group, I finished 2nd.  Cool?  Well maybe not when there is only 12. 

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