My New Toy

Last year between my Triathlon and my Urban Adventure race, some punk stole my Trek bike.  I had been storing it in my patio which has a 6 foot tall fence and gate.  Someone must have seen me going in or out at one point and decided they should have my bike and not me.  Shitty part was, I didn’t notice it was gone until the morning of my Urban race!  At 6 am, I had to borrow my friend Sara’s who is much taller than me.  Still never found my bike.  I check EVERY person I see riding a bike.  If I ever see it, that person better watch out.  I’ll take them down by car, by foot, by any means necessary.  Oh, and I bought a lock for the gate.  I didn’t feel like spending a bunch of money again, so I hit up craigslist to see what I could find.  Here’s the new bike.

new bike 001.jpg

I haven’t really rode it yet.  I got it over to the gas station to get some air in the tires, but I’ve had a pretty full workout week and with a race tomorrow, I didn’t feel the need to fit in a bunch of extra miles.  Next week, it will definitely get christened.  Sara and I are going to participate in the National Bike to Work Day on Friday.  If you work downtown and want to join us, comment and I’ll let you know our plan!