A New Spin on Climbing

For the past few Labor Days, I’ve visited my brother and we’ve climbed a mountain or 3 during my stay.  This year, Colorado baby #3 should be here by then, so he’s cancelled all of his hobby-type events to make room for lots of family time.  Luckily he said July would be a good month to plan a trip.  I sent him a tentative itinerary for flights and days to climb the weekend of July 11th.  He sends me back this… “Leadville has a Heavy Half Marathon that day.  You run up to 13,000 feet and back.  The run down is a blast if you don’t fall off the edge.”

Crap.  What to do?!  I thought about it for 1 day.  Took a few surveys from friends.  One resulted in this graph which should have scared me away.


Well, it didn’t and I’ve decided to do this bat-shit crazy event.  My logic was (a) I go out there to go up a mountain.  This will satisfy that requirement.  (b) Normal climbs are around 15 miles long.  This is no further.  (c) Normal climbs are 5-10 hours long.  This thing cuts you off at 5.5 hours.  (d and most influential)  I can’t say no to a challenge like this.  SIGN ME UP BRO!

According to my brother, if you are last, you get the “last ass over the pass” award at the dinner. I’ll try not to shoot for that as my goal.  Brandon is going to do the full marathon, but a few years ago, he did the Heavy-half.  You can read his story here and see some pics.  I’m off to the gym to put a tredmill on full incline and see how long it takes me to collapse.  Please pray for me.

Feel free to comment on which of my possessions you would like me to leave you in case I do fall off the side.  I have a Michael Jordan rookie card, talking E.T. doll, and an autographed picture of Gene Keady… just to name a few ideas.