7 Years Running, Literally

Today is the day I dread every year.  The Mini marathon.  This is my 7th time at the race, and this year I was especially nervous.  I’ve had sinus issues for 2 weeks.  I think I’ve ran 5 times since the Big 10 5K, including once this past week for 5 to see how 10 minute miles felt.  Needless to say, I’ve been slacking on my workouts.  I don’t train specifically for the Mini anyway, but I’ve always relied on my normal physical activity to get me thru it.  Knowing all this, I felt like 2:15 to 2:30 was realistic.

Usually I’m a stickler for my race routine, but today it wasn’t happening.  You are suppose to be in your corral at 7 am, but the race doesn’t really start until 7:33.  I woke up at 6:20am and had all my clothes laid out.  My lucky race sports bra elastic finally had it.  Crap, this sports bra verges on superstition for me!  Pick another and move on.  For the past 6 years, I’ve parked on St. Clair and have never had trouble getting in or out.  My company allowed us to park in their lot today… ok it’s closer, I’m in.  Change #2 to my routine.  I arrived at 7 am, and good thing was, I can use our bathrooms and not the port-o-johns with the long lines.  Sweet!  While I’m in the bathroom, a girl says “let’s go it’s 7:20”.  Crap!  I like to be in the corrals by 7:15.  I hopped in my corral at 7:25 just in time for the wave and the countdown.  Tags on, let’s go!



I had my trusty Forerunner205 and my Nano, since this was the first time in 3 years I’ve ran alone.  I’ve never ran a race with music before, so it was another change to my race routine.  First couple miles were feeling pretty good, minus a side cramp.  I was hitting 9:20-9:40s and I was able to get the cramp out by mile 5.  The track came up pretty fast at mile 6.  I think the music just tuned me out to what I was really doing.  I had my slowest mile at the Track.  It was a 10:02.  I debating not kissing the bricks to keep my time down, but then decide that was just stupid.  You HAVE to kiss the bricks!  So I dropped to a push up, kissed the bricks, and was back on my way.

I usually take my first and only water at the track, but I was feeling a little weak, so I took one at 9 and 10 too.  Checked my time and I was on pace to hit 2:10 and possibly break it.  I dug up some more motivation and was trying to power thru to mile 12.  I run this race thinking it’s 12 miles long because the last mile is a straight shot to the finish line, so I just consider it the homestretch.  Just a mental game I play to shorten the race I guess!

Mile 12 came and so did a up chuck feeling from my stomach.  Oh god… yep, I threw up over the bridge!  It was just water, but still nasty.  I took a 15 second break to make sure it was over and then got back to the street to get this last mile over with.  I checked my watch to see where I was at, only to realize it had accidently stopped.  Crap!  What was my time?  You can start to see the finish line clocks with about a quarter mile to go.  So, I just pushed as much as I could and finally saw 2:12.  I started 6+ minutes after the clock, so I was psyched!  I gave it all I had and crossed the finish with an official time of 2:08:11!!!!  HOLY SHIT is all I have to say.

Mom, I’ll walk next year if you want.

EDIT:  Picture from the event.